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Below is a list of applications and their compatibility status with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, the most recent operating system from Apple. Please collaborate by sharing your experiences using each application and by adding applications not already listed. Note: due to abuses, registration is now required to edit the list. Thanks for your cooperation.

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Update: There are now four categories: UNKNOWN UNKNOWN.png is for apps that are untested, OK OK.png for apps that work fine, NO NO.png for apps that do not work, and WARNING WARNING.png for those with some problems.

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When you have replaced the placeholders with your info, and choose OK, NO, UNKNOWN, or WARNING to set the correct graphic icon. Paste the edited text into its corresponding alphabetical place in the text list. Do not add it into the code above, it doesn't work that way : )

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For information about potential printing issues on Snow Leopard, see printing-issues
Additional information:

Java Note: After Snow Leopard installation, only Java SE 6 remains and is used for all Java applications and applets; previous Java versions (which were present in Leopard and Tiger) are gone. This may cause issues with Java apps/applets that don't work correctly with Java SE 6: these will need to be updated to work with Snow Leopard.

Application Name Version URL Status Notes
MikaDO 1.5.8 OK.png
0xED 1.0.7 OK.png (No comment / 2009-01-15)
0o_forex_broker_o0 10.6 OK.png Works very good for me, without problems!
1001 1.0.18 OK.png
1Password 2.x OK.png Needs 32-bit Safari. Details in this post.
1Password 3.0b OK.png 64-bit
3D Weather Globe & Atlas 1.0, 2.0 OK.png Free update at
3_musketeers 2.1 OK.png Works smooth, without problems.
4D Client 2004.7r3 WARNING.png Needs Rosetta, simple tests seem to do ok, might depend on plugins used
4D Server 2004.7r3 NO.png Needs Rosetta, Crashing and occasional data corruption
4th Dimension 2004 NO.png Crashing Issues +Needs Rosetta
4th Dimension v11 OK.png Works Great
A Better Finder Rename 8.30 OK.png
A Better Finder Attributes 4.42 OK.png
Abbey (the) NO.png as discussed here it doesn′t work
Ableton Live 6,7,8 WARNING.png Works for some, not for others. Crashes when audio samples are used (which is easily half of the intended use of the program)
Abyssoft teleport 1.0.2 OK.png
Access Grid Toolkit (AGTk) 3.2b1 NO.png build against Python 2.6
Acapela Multimedia for Mac OS X 6.210 WARNING.png Text To Speech SDK, Apple Speech Synthesis Manager Compliant Libraries compiled in 32 bits (Universal binary ppc/i386). Will not work if your software is compiled in 64 bits mode.
Acapela Multimedia for Mac OS X 7.500 OK.png Text To Speech SDK, Apple Speech Synthesis Manager Compliant - Libraries compiled in 32 AND 64 bits (Universal binary ppc/i386/x86_64). Currently in beta version. Used by
Accordance Bible Software 8.3.2 OK.png
AccountEdge 2009 WARNING.png "AccountEdge 2009 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 with two (2) known issues."
ACDSee 1.1 Beta NO.png Non-beta due to be released after October with Snow Leopard compatibility
Acorn 1.5.4 OK.png
Acquisition 2.1 OK.png
Across Lite 2.0b WARNING.png not working: Print, Preview, Save as PDF
Activity Monitor 10.6 WARNING.png (OS X Utility / Do not move the application / a16.pngFR loc / 2009-07-31)
Activity Manager web based app NO.png Cannot upload data to server; usb armband device identified as a modem
Address Book 5.0.1 OK.png
AddressWeb 2.5 UNKNOWN.png
Adium 1.3.6 OK.png
Adium 1.4 beta 9 OK.png
adJUST monitor calibration 4.1.12 OK.png Validation not working, will be fixed in 4.1.15
ADmitMac 5.0 OK.png
Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.1.6 WARNING.png Same as 9.1.x, app works but PDF printer from apps does not work. The 'Create PDF' action works only for items not requiring an app based file (e.g. PNG, JPG, etc)
Adobe Acrobat Professional 9.1.3 WARNING.png Application works, but PDF Printer is not. available. See: Also Adobe PDFViewer Safari Plugin no longer works.
Adobe After Effects CS3 NO.png Catastrophic Failure (no future updates planned)
Adobe After Effects CS4 CS4 ( OK.png Small Issues more info:
Adobe After Effects Render Engine CS4 (9.0) OK.png
Adobe After Effects - Mocha For After Effects CS4 CS4 (1.2.2) WARNING.png
Adobe Bridge CS4 CS4 ( UNKNOWN.png
Adobe AIR 1.5.2 OK.png
Adobe ColdFusion 8.01 NO.png SL nukes your apache settings. Blogs are out there to help JRun instances get back, but not for standalones. Cannot do a fresh install in SL, the installer app will not run.
Adobe Creative Suite 1 OK.png Works fine under Rosetta
Adobe Creative Suite 2 WARNING.png PPC Only Binary. Launches under Rosetta. Applications appear to work, but there may be some glitches.
Adobe Creative Suite 3 WARNING.png Minor bugs in Photoshop and Dreamweaver. PS gets slower and slower the longer you work in it.
Adobe Creative Suite 4 OK.png Officially supported by Adobe -
Adobe Digital Editions OK.png Works Fine
Adobe Device Central CS4 (2.0.0) UNKNOWN.png
Adobe DNG Converter 5.5 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 WARNING.png FTP File transfers no longer works.
Adobe Extension Manager CS4 CS4 ( UNKNOWN.png
Adobe Fireworks MX 2004 NO.png Requires Rosetta, then crashes on launch
Adobe Fireworks CS4 OK.png
Adobe Flash Player 10,0,32,18 OK.png Snow Leopard installs an older, less secure version
Adobe Flex Builder (Flash Builder 4/Gumbo beta) 4 OK.png may require setting -d32 flag for your JVM to load carbon UI libraries; may require installing Java 1.5 since SL actually only ships with Java 1.6 (google installing-java-1-5-on-snow-leopard)
Adobe Flex Builder 3 OK.png may require setting -d32 flag for your JVM to load carbon UI libraries, i report no problems as of yet (I had it installed before 10.6 and I also am running the latest sdk and all eclipse updates applied. May require installing Java 1.5 since SL actually only ships with Java 1.6 (google installing-java-1-5-on-snow-leopard)
Adobe Lightroom 1 OK.png 1.1.4 Installs, Opens & imports images.
Adobe Lightroom 2.4 OK.png No issues.
Adobe Media Encoder CS4 CS4 (4.0.0) UNKNOWN.png
Adobe Media Player 1.1 UNKNOWN.png
Adobe Photoshop 7 NO.png Crashes during startup
Adobe Photoshop CS OK.png Requires Rosetta. Seems to work OK.
Adobe Photoshop CS2 OK.png Works fine. Program error message pops up once after you open.
Adobe Photoshop CS3 WARNING.png See
Adobe Photoshop CS4 CS4 (11.0) WARNING.png See
Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 OK.png After normal Update from 10.5 it works fine! After restoring from Time Machine app gives a licence error. Clean install works perfectly !
Adobe Photoshop Elements 4 OK.png Worked fine after normal Upgrade from 10.5
Adobe Photoshop Elements 3 WARNING.png Clean install claims that the installation was fine, but running the application fails with the error "Could not complete your request because of missing or invalid personalization information." However, an installation which worked under 10.5 continued to work after a 10.5 to 10.6 upgrade.
Adobe Soundbooth CS3 NO.png On startup, displays message: The audio driver has either failed to load or device is no longer connected. App promptly crashes.
Adobe Reader 9.1.3 WARNING.png Upgrades work fine, but for fresh install see: 32-bit kernel required creates problem
Adobe Reader 9.2 OK.png Power Macintosh not supported corrects the install problem
ADTPro 1.1.3 OK.png Serial support updated for Snow Leopard.
AdWords Editor 7.5.2 OK.png
Afloat 2.1.1 OK.png Uninstall PlugSuit. Install SIMBL 0.9.6c from Get Afloat.dmg and open image. Show context menu and choose "Show package contents". In the Contents/Plugins submenu, copy a file called Afloat.bundle and go to Library/Application Support/ in your home directory and place the Afloat.bundle in the SIMBL/Plugins directory (create it if it does not exist).
Age of Empires 2 1.0.6 OK.png Works well, requires Rosetta
Age of Empires 3 1.0.4 OK.png Works well in single and multiplayer
AIM for Mac 1.5 OK.png Works well with 10.6
AIM for Mac 2.0B OK.png Works well with 10.6
Airfoil 3.3.4 OK.png Instant Hijack now works in 3.3.3 (for apps running in 32-bit mode).
AirPhones 2.0 OK.png No problems thus far
AirPort Utility 5.4.2 UNKNOWN.png OS X Utility
AirPort Admin Utility for Graphite and Snow 4.2.5 NO.png
AirRadar 1.2.1 OK.png
Airtunes UNKNOWN.png
Air Traffic Control 2.1 NO.png Notes (Comments)
Alarm Clock 2.4.5 OK.png Works fine with 10.6
Alepin 3.14 b2 (315) OK.png Website intermittent
Alien Skin EyeCandy 5 Impact 5.5.2 OK.png PS Plugin
Alien Skin Image Doctor 2.0.0 OK.png PS Plugin
Alkaline 2.0 Beta OK.png
AllBookmarks 3.1.4 (6479) WARNING.png Works for some, not for others
AllTel Quicklink Mobile 4.0.7 (build 2189b) OK.png (No comment)
AlphaBaby 1.7.1 OK.png
aLunch 3.6.4 OK.png
aLaunch 4.0.1 OK.png (Replaces aLunch / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-07-20)
Amadeus Pro 1.4.3 OK.png
Amaya 11.2 UNKNOWN.png
Amazing Slow Downer OK.png Seems to work fine
Amazing Slow Downer OK.png Seems to work fine
Amazon MP3 Downloader 1.0.7 OK.png Purchased song downloaded & added to iTunes without issues
Amnesia 1.1 UNKNOWN.png
Amnesty Hypercube 0.5 OK.png (No comment)
aMSN NO.png The official version doesn't work, but you can download the 0.98 beta for mac from:
AMSVisualizer 1.054 UNKNOWN.png
Anna_London OK.png Works very well
Analogy (Screensaver) NO.png "Awaiting ScreenTime update for (10.6)."
Anapolis Center OK.png Works very well
Ankh Special Edition v1.0 OK.png Updated version already under Leopard using
AOL Desktop for Mac 1.5.x OK.png Tested with 10.6
AOL Desktop for Mac 1.6B OK.png Tested with 10.6
Anki OK.png Works fine (tested with 32-bit kernel)
APC PowerChute 1.3.4 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
APC PowerChute PE 1.3.3 WARNING.png Managing from System Preference/Energy Saver/UPS select Shutdown Options.
Aperture 3.0.3 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-04-29)
Aperture 3.1 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-10-19)
AP Grapher 1.2.1 NO.png Does not recognize that there is networks available. Gives only an inaccurate signal reading.
Apimac Secret Foldder 7.0 OK.png
Apimac Timer 6.3 OK.png
Apogee Duet September '09 Update OK.png
AppCleaner 1.2.2 OK.png (CleanApp works better / a16.pngFR loc / 2008-08-19)
AppFresh 0.8.5 NO.png (Find updates older than the installed software / 2009-09-09)
Appigo Sync 1.0 OK.png
Apple Aperture 2.1.3 OK.png
Apple iDVD 6.0.4 OK.png Seems to work, but may have some glitches.
Apple iDVD 7.0.4 OK.png A little laggy on startup, but works fine after that. May crash when encoding assets set on High Quality or Professional Quality
Apple iMovie HD 6.0.4 OK.png Seems to work, but may have some glitches.
Apple iPhoto 6.0.6 OK.png Works fine *
Apple iPhoto 7.1.5 OK.png Works fine *
Apple iPhoto 8.1 WARNING.png Sometimes can not display image when "edit" is pressed. Had to log out & back in to resolve
Apple iWeb 2.0.4 OK.png
AppleJack 1.6 OK.png Works
Apple Keynote 5.0.2 WARNING.png Printing Handouts: no divider or rule lines
Apple Motion 3.0 OK.png (No comment)
Apple Motion 4.0 OK.png My copy opens up very very slowly compared to OS 10.5.8. Quite sluggish in operation too since "upgrade"
Apple Numbers 2.0.2 OK.png
Apple Pages 4.0.2 OK.png
Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) 3.2 OK.png Requires 3.2 Client installed on same machine as Admin software. Use apple support file to remove 3.3 client (
Apple Remote Desktop 3.3.1 OK.png
AppleScript Editor 2.3 OK.png
Apple Server Admin Tools 10.5.x NO.png Install Server Admin Tools v10.6 or greater to administer Mac OS X Server 10.5 and 10.6
Apple Works 6.2.9 OK.png needs Rosetta
Apple Works 2 2.2.9b OK.png
Apple Xsan 2.1.1 or less NO.png Requires forthcoming 2.2 update
Applejack 1.6 OK.png
Application Enhancer 2.5.2 NO.png; last issue: Aug 2009 for 10.5
AppShelf 1.6 OK.png
AppTrap 1.1.3 OK.png 64 bit enabled
AppWall.saver 1.0 OK.png (No comment / 2010-07-19)
AppZapper 1.8 OK.png Works, but after putting program(s) to zap, the window becomes white - restart app and it goes away
Aptana Studio 1.0.0 NO.png Upgrade to version 1.5
Aptana 1.5 OK.png Yes, it works! Not all plugins tested.
Aqua Data Studio 7.5.34 OK.png
Aquamacs Emacs 2.0preview2 OK.png
Araxis Merge 2009.3725 WARNING.png Company is aware of some issues but should be broadly usable (
ArchiveMac 1.2.7 OK.png
ArchiveConnect 1.0.2c05 OK.png Updgrade to v1.0.2x05. More info:
Arsights 1.1 OK.png
Art Directors Toolkit 4.2.2 OK.png
Art Directors Toolkit 5.2 OK.png
ArtRage 2.5.20 OK.png Still being tested by vendor but preliminary ok.
Art Text 2.2.1 OK.png 2.2.1 for Snow Leopard
ASM 2.2.12 NO.png Appears to install, but doesn't work
ASM 2.3 OK.png Dock sub menu feature currently not supported under 10.6 (possibly never). May require new license purchase.
Ascent 1.9.17 OK.png
Asticones 1.2.0 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2003-02-25)
atMonitor 2.0.0 OK.png
atMonitor 2.1.5 OK.png (No comment / 2008-08-19)
aTV Flash 3.6.3 OK.png
Audacity 1.3.8b OK.png
AudialHub OK.png (No comment)
Audio Hijack Pro 2.9.4 OK.png Instant Hijack now works in 2.9.3 (for apps running in 32-bit mode).
Audio Hijack 2.2.6 OK.png Rogue Amoeba no longer supports this program but it still works
Audio MIDI Setup 3.0.1 UNKNOWN.png OS X Utility
Audio Recorder 3.2 UNKNOWN.png
Audio Switcher 1.3 NO.png Shows in menu but is non-functional.
Audiobook Builder 1.1.1 WARNING.png Cover Art reflection is not drawn correctly in each Project’s Cover section. Cover Art is drawn properly in the final Project output .
Audiobook Maker 0.1 beta UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Aurora 4.0.11 UNKNOWN.png
AutoCat 3.0.8 OK.png Requires Rosetta
Autodesk Maya 2010 OK.png
Autodesk MudBox 2010 OK.png
Automator 2.1 OK.png
Automatic RSS 1.0.1 OK.png 32bit
AutoPairs 3.0.3 OK.png now runs on 64 bit
Autopano WARNING.png
Avosmac2Freeware OK.png
Avosmac2MailingList OK.png
Avosmac2Visibility OK.png
Avosmac2Widget OK.png
Awaken OK.png
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
Backblaze OK.png
Backdrop 1.5 UNKNOWN.png
Back-In-Time 1.4.2 UNKNOWN.png
Backup 3.1.2 (374) UNKNOWN.png
Backup Bouncer 0.2.0 NO.png ctool lib is broken. But should be easy to fix.
Bank X 4.0.5 OK.png
Bannerzest 1.5 OK.png Haven't tested all banner types, but those I have all worked OK
Barcode Generator 1.0b8 OK.png
Barcode Producer 5.5 OK.png
basICColor catch 3.3.2 OK.png
basICColor certify 3.3.2 OK.png
basICColor CMYKick 1.2.0 OK.png
basICColor control 3.3.2 OK.png
basICColor demon 1.1.1 OK.png
basICColor display 4.1.22 OK.png
basICColor dragLINK photo 1.1.0 OK.png
basICColor dragLINK proof 1.0.0 OK.png
basICColor dragLINK print 1.0.0 OK.png
basICColor dragLINK save 1.0.0 OK.png
basICColor dropRGB 1.2.0 OK.png
basICColor gHOST 1.1.0 OK.png
basICColor input 3.1.2 OK.png
basICColor LINKflow 1.0.0 OK.png
basICColor print 3.1.0 OK.png
basICColor SMARtt 1.0.0 OK.png
basICCoolTool Profile′s Secret 1.0.1 OK.png
basICCoolTool The Missing Link 1.2.1 OK.png
basICCoolTool ShadowMatch 1.0 OK.png Requires Rosetta
basICCoolTool spoTTuner 1.0 OK.png Requires Rosetta
basICCoolTool WhitePoint Editor 1.0.0 OK.png Requires Rosetta
BatChmod 1.6.3 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-06-27)
basICCoolTool MatchPatch 1.1.0 OK.png
Battery Health Monitor 1.5 OK.png
Battle for Wesnoth 1.4.3 OK.png (No comment)
Baubles.saver 1.0 OK.png (No comment / 2009-12-01)
BBEdit Lite 6.1 OK.png Requires Rosetta
BBEdit 8.7.2 UNKNOWN.png
BBEdit 9.2.1 OK.png
Bean 2.4.0 OK.png
Bento 1 NO.png
Bento 2.0.4 NO.png use free update to 2.0.5
Bento 2.0.5 OK.png a bit flaky when restoring from backup
BetterZip 1.8.1 OK.png tar files not working correctly - 1.8.2 supposedly fixes this (but seemingly not for everyone)
Bibdesk 1.3.21 OK.png
BigPond Wireless Broadband 2.13.15 WARNING.png Cannot detect the 3G USB modem when modem is first plugged in. Need to quit and restart the program (with the 3G USB modem plugged in) for it to detect the device.
Billable 1.2.4 OK.png Works fine.
Billings 3.0.5 OK.png
BitWise IM 1.7.3 UNKNOWN.png
Blackmagic Decklink Drivers 7.3.1 OK.png Recently updated for Snow Leopard
Blackout 3.3 OK.png
Blender 2.49b OK.png
Blinkbid 5.0.2 UNKNOWN.png
BlogAssist 2.2.3 OK.png Fully compatible
Blogo 1.2.9b OK.png
BlueHarvest 3.0.1 OK.png 64-bit support
BlueJ 2.5.2 OK.png 32-bit
BluePhoneElite 2.2.2 OK.png
Bluetooth File Exchange 2.2.4 UNKNOWN.png OS X Utility
Bodega 0.5.2 OK.png
Bodega 1.2.0 OK.png (No comment)
Bodega 1.2.1 OK.png (No comment / 2010-08-18)
Bodega 1.2.2 OK.png (No comment / 2010-09-10)
Boinc 6.6.36 WARNING.png Almost OK. Had to reinstall. Works except for screensaver; screensaver will be fixed in version 6.10.x (now in beta test)
BOINCManager 6.10.58 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-07-01)
BoinxTV 1.4.1 OK.png
Bonjour Browser 1.5.6 UNKNOWN.png
Bonsai 3D 1.0 OK.png
Bookends 10.6 OK.png
Bookit 3.7.5 OK.png
Bookpedia 4.5.3 OK.png
Books 3.2.5a NO.png No longer supported. Move library to another Books cataloging app.
Boot Camp Assistant 3.0.1 UNKNOWN.png OS X Utility
BootChamp 1.0.3b5 OK.png (No comment)
Bowtie 1.0 beta 2 WARNING.png Some skins won't work. Bowlet disappears after waking up your Mac.
Box Shot 3D 2.12.1 OK.png
Boxee WARNING.png Playing video_ts folders (DVD rips) crashes app. Apple Remote controls Plex and Front Row / iTunes / Volume simultaneously.
BR-600/900CD Rhythm Editor 1.0 OK.png No issues
Brightness Control 1.0.4 OK.png (No comment)
Budget 4.4.3 OK.png
Budget 6.2.1 OK.png
Bug Labs USB CDC 1.0 NO.png USB networking and is not supported
Burn 1.72u OK.png
Burn 2.3u OK.png
Burn 2.4.1u OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-04-26)
BurnAgain FS 1.4 OK.png
Burnz 1.1.32u UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Business Card Composer 4.5.6 OK.png
BusyCal 1.0 OK.png
Butler 4.1.6 WARNING.png Some custom icons not displayed
Bwana 2.6 OK.png
BZFlag 2.0.10 WARNING.png Works OK but appears to hang on exit and does not return to desktop. Mouse & keyboard appears to operate on desktop even though BZFlag screen is still displayed. Eventually quits back to desktop. May be an update, have not checked.
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
Caboodle 1.3.3 OK.png Fully compatible
Cabos 0.8.1 WARNING.png Needs Rosetta to run
Cache Cleaner 5.0.4 OK.png A shareware licensed. Clear caches, access hidden OS X settings, much more.
Caffeine 1.1 OK.png (No comment)
Calculator 4.5.2 OK.png Part of OS x
Calgoo Connect 2.1.3 UNKNOWN.png This is a Java app requiring Java 1.5+. Some anecdotal evidence that it doesn't work.
Calibre 0.6.14 OK.png Works as of 6.1.14
Calibre 0.7.14 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-08-14)
Calibre 0.7.15 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-08-20)
Calibre 0.7.16 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-08-27)
Calibre 0.7.23 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-10-08)
Calibre 0.7.28 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-11-12)
Calq 1.4.6 OK.png
Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test 1.1b OK.png Requires Rosetta
Cameras 1.0.1 UNKNOWN.png
CamExtractor 1.0 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Camfrog Video Chat 1.9 OK.png
Camino 1.6.9 WARNING.png issue with Java Works perfectly
Camino 1.6.10 WARNING.png Java disabled
Camino 2.0 b3 WARNING.png issue with Java
Camino 2.0 b4 WARNING.png Java still has problems
Camouflage 1.25 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2009-02-04)
Camtwist 2.0 NO.png Opens but cannot use movie inputs and most special effects broken
CandyBar 3.2 OK.png (No comment)
Canon CAPT laser printer drivers CAPT v1.70 OK.png For iSensys LBP-5000 (at least) this 10.5 Leopard driver works fine on 10.6 Snow Leopard
Canon EOS Utility 2.6.1 NO.png Crashes when downloading all images or attempting to select images on the Mac to download. Selecting images on the camera works, but is very tedious since each image needs to be individually downloaded.
Canon iPF printer drivers all NO.png 10.6 Compatible drivers coming by October 9th.
CanoScan Toolbox OK.png (No comment)
Canvastic 3.5.0 OK.png
Capo 1.1.2 OK.png Works great for me!
CaptainFTP 6.1 OK.png works well
Capture One 4.8.2 NO.png Workarounds on Phase One's site
Capture One LE 3.77 OK.png Leica bundled version
Carbon Copy Cloner 3.3 OK.png It's necessary to DL and use ver. 3.3 which is SL compatible. Earlier versions cause apparent I/O errors and may not boot properly from the clone
Carbon Copy Cloner 3.3.3 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-06-29)
Carbon Copy Cloner 3.3.5 OK.png (No comment / 2010-11-04)
Carbonite for Mac 1.1.1 Build 344 OK.png SL 32 and 64-bit now supported.
Carrara WARNING.png Runs, but has a menu font problem. See link for work around. []
Carrara 7.2 WARNING.png Runs, but has a menu font problem. See link for work around. []
Cartographica 1.0+ OK.png
Cassio 7.5 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2009-08-06)
CDFinder 5.6.1 OK.png
CDpedia 4.5.3 OK.png
Celestia 1.6.0 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2009-07-08)
Celtx 2.0.2 OK.png Works well
Centrify DirectControl 4.4 OK.png Works very well
Cha-Ching 2.0b99 beta build 340 OK.png Working 32-bit
Chanalyzer 1.1.0 OK.png
Chandler Desktop 1.0.3 NO.png bug 12860
Chandler Hub 1.1-SNAPSHOT WARNING.png Instance of Chandler Server (a.k.a. Cosmo): bugs 12861 and 12863 affecting interop with iCal
Charles Web Debugging Proxy 3.3.1 OK.png works fine
Charles Web Debugging Proxy 3.4 OK.png works fine
Chax 2.2.2 NO.png
Chax 3.0a4 OK.png
Check Off 4.0.2 OK.png 64-bit
CheckBook 2.0.3 OK.png Speakable are not working properly.
Checkpoint SecureClient OK.png Will not load a previous installation or allow new installation out of the box, but works fine with minimal changes to either existing installation files or installation package using this tutorial: … FOR ADVANCED VPN GATEWAY ADMINISTRATORS ONLY: IPSecuritas (alternate product) works and will connect to Checkpoint VPN-1 but requires a lot of technical knowledge to make it work.
checkSum+ 1.5.3 OK.png
CheckUp 2.5.2 OK.png
ChemDraw 12.0.0 NO.png
Chess 2.4.2 OK.png Part of OS x by
Chicken of the VNC 2.0b4 OK.png
Chmox 0.4b OK.png Despite de filename (Chmox-0.4beta-i386_ppc.dmg), it works. My machine is a MBP/Snow Leopard 10.6.4
ChronoSync 4.0.4 OK.png
Chuzzle Deluxe 1.0.0 OK.png (No comment)
Cinema 4d - Maxon 11.0 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client OK.png 32bit Mode ONLY
Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client (BETA) OK.png previous do not work
Cisco Clean Access Agent NO.png Does not recognize 10.6 as a valid version. However, a workaround is available to access networks protected with the Clean Access Agent. Using Firefox and the User-Agent Switcher (, switch your user-agent to "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X; en-US; rev:" and the Clean Access Agent will allow you to log on.
Cisco Clean Access Agent OK.png New Version with Snow Leopard Support
Cisco Unified Personal Communicator UPC NO.png Audio input and output don't work
Cisco VPN Client 4.9 0100 WARNING.png Reinstall needed? 4.9 0100 works here, after re-install under SL. NOTE: SL includes native support for Cisco VPN under Network Preferences
Cisco VPN Client 4.9 0180 OK.png 4.9 0100 does not work, neither does DNS when the "Split-DNS" feature is enabled on the Server on any version, Only works in 32-bit mode. Reinstall following snow leopard install. NOTE: SL includes native support for Cisco VPN under Network Preferences
City of Heroes 19.20090716.3t (current version) OK.png may even run faster!
Citrin 1.3R OK.png But only if run under rosetta
Citrix ICA Client 10.00.600 OK.png 32-bit
Citrix Dazzle 11.0 WARNING.png Citrix "aware". Back-grade to 10 seems OK
Civilization III 1.22 Rev. A OK.png yep, still works
Civilization IV 1.74 OK.png Yes, it works
ClamXav 1.1.1 NO.png quits on launching - use 2.0.1 Public Beta
ClamXav 2.0.1 with ClamAV 0.95.2 backend WARNING.png Public Beta version; may be buggy. Became unresponsive
Classroom Maestro 2.1.x OK.png Works Great
CleanApp 3.1.6 OK.png language switched to english
CleanApp 3.4 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-22-07)
CleanApp 3.4.1 OK.png (Works better than AppCleaner / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-08-26)
CleanApp 3.4.3 OK.png (Works better than AppCleaner / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-10-13)
CleanMyMac 1.6.0 OK.png
CleanMyMac 1.9.2 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc) / 2010-07-12
CleanMyMac 1.9.3 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc) / 2010-09-16
ClickToFlash 1.5.2 OK.png
CLIX NO.png commands containing sudo will not run - fixed in ver.
CLIX OK.png New command batch specifically for Snow Leopard 10.6.
ClockSaver.saver 1.0.6 OK.png (No comment / 2009-08-29)
Cmap Tools 5.03 OK.png
Cocktail 4.5 OK.png 4.5 adds full Snow Leopard and 64-bit compatibility.
CocoaBooklet 2.0.4 NO.png A complete rewrite to work with Snow Leopard is required
Cocalicious 1.0b46 NO.png crash on startup
CocoaMySQL 0.7.1 UNKNOWN.png not available (see Sequel Pro)
CocoModX 0.4.4 OK.png
coconutBattery 2.6.5 OK.png (No comment)
coconutWiFi 2.0 NO.png crashes
CocoViewX 0.9.6 WARNING.png Crash on quit
Coda 1.6.4 OK.png Works, also 1.6.5 released 28/08/09 to fix a few bugs
Cog 0.07 OK.png Worked fine for my project and loved it.
Collins UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Colloquy 2.3 OK.png (No comment)
ColorMunki Create 1.1 UNKNOWN.png
ColorMunki Design 1.1.0 WARNING.png issues are being addressed, and a new version will be released soon
ColorMunki Photo 1.1.0 WARNING.png issues are being addressed, and a new version will be released soon
Color Schemer Studio 1.6 OK.png
ColorSync Utility 4.6.2 UNKNOWN.png OS X Utility
Combine PDFs 4.4 UNKNOWN.png
Comic Life 1.5 OK.png (No comment)
ComicBookLover 1.3 OK.png
Commander - Europe at War 1.06 OK.png Both solo & multiplayer Hotseat/PBEM
Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars 1.09 OK.png 1.09 works fine, tested with 32bit kernel
Concentrate 1.0.2 OK.png
ConceptDraw Medical 1.8.5 UNKNOWN.png Has anyone tried this? Yes, I know it's obsolete but I use it
ConceptDraw Office 1.2.2 OK.png Works well
ConceptDraw PRO OK.png
ConceptDraw MINDMAP 6.2.4 OK.png
ConceptDraw PROJECT 5.1.1 OK.png
Connect360 3.36 OK.png Has to run in 32-bit System Preferences, but everything else works fine
Connected Precision Accounting Software 6.1.00 OK.png Running client software fine under Snow Leopard 10.6. Server is still running Leopard 10.5.8.
Console 10.6 UNKNOWN.png OS X Utility
Contactizer OK.png Current Contactizer 3.8 public beta is fully compatible
ContentBarrier X5 10.5.5 OK.png
Contour Shuttle 2.1.4 UNKNOWN.png
Contribute 4.0 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Control360 0.07 NO.png Fails to find controller, Fails when re-installing
ControllerMate 4.3.11 OK.png
Coolbook 2.15 WARNING.png Does not work when booted into 64 bit kernal mode
Cooliris 1.11.3 NO.png not available yet
CopyPaste Pro 2.1.2 OK.png 64-bit
CopyWrite 2.294 OK.png New version 2.294 is now working fine under Snow Leopard
CoRD 0.5 NO.png crashes when connecting
CoRD 0.5.1 OK.png
Corel Painter 10.0 (X) UNKNOWN.png If someone can test this out, that'll be great. It works fine for me
Corel Painter 11.0 OK.png Works according to: this forum post
Coriolis CDMaker 1.3.9 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-07-21)
Cornerstone WARNING.png Notes Works with Rosetta enabled for this specific app. (
Corripio 0.7.2 OK.png
Cosmopod 3.1 WARNING.png Use a copy of Safari in 32-bit mode
CoverFlow RC1.2 (1.997) WARNING.png launches and works, but crashes on return from fullscreen-view
CoverScout 2.3.10 OK.png
CoverScout 3.2.2 OK.png
Cover Stream 2.6.3 UNKNOWN.png
CoverSutra 2.2b4 OK.png
Covers 1.1.3 OK.png 32-bit
Cram 1.1 OK.png
CrashPlan PRO 2009-06-11 OK.png No obvious upgrade for the June 2009 PRO version but the client seems to run without error.
CrashPlan 2009-07-21 OK.png CrashPlan is ready for Snow Leopard. 64 bit, new I/O layer. If you're upgrading, run our uninstall script 1st (say y to all)
Crepuscular Life.saver 2.0 OK.png (No comment / 2009-11-04)
Cro Mag Rally 2.2.1 OK.png (No comment)
CronniX 3.0.2 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
CrossFTP 1.53 OK.png (No comment)
CrossOver Chromium 0.9.0 NO.png Crashes on launch
CrossOver Games 7.x OK.png Requires some Terminal work for it to run.
CrossOver Games 8.0.0 OK.png If you're running CXG 7.x, upgrade to 8.0.0 for full SL compatibility without workarounds.
CrossOver 7.1 NO.png Loads and immediately quits
CrossOver 8.0.0 OK.png Requires X11.
CrushFTP4 4.9.8 WARNING.png Choose check for update from file menu, and hold control key when clicking check for update button to get early access version that works with daemon mode. 4.9.9 coming very soon too.
CSci d'accord 2.0 OK.png Runs 1.3 times faster on Snow Leopard
CSSEdit 2.6 OK.png (No comment)
Curio 5.4.6 OK.png
Curse Client WARNING.png Fails. Per head developer v4.0 is in beta.
CuteClips 3.0.11 OK.png
CuteFTP 3.05 WARNING.png CRASH ! - Workaround posted on website
Cyberduck 3.2.1 NO.png Latest build works - see site
Cyberduck 3.3b2 OK.png Version 3.3 beta 2 of Cyberduck works on Snow Leopard! Release notes and previous releases are available here:

Application Name Version URL Status Notes
DaemonFS 1.0 OK.png (No comment / 2010-07-21)
DaemonFS 1.1 OK.png (Currently DaemonFS for Mac is affected by a bug, which causes a crash when big directories are added to the monitoring list / 2010-08/06)
DaisyDisk 1.5.3 OK.png Works fine, but don't forget to upgrade to the latest version
DarkAdapted 2.3.6a OK.png Fully compatible.
DarwiinRemote 0.6 OK.png Fully Compatible
Dashboard 1.7 OK.png Part of OS x
DataBackup 3.05 NO.png Currently not working Update coming:
Data Rescue II 1.2.2 OK.png
Dates to iCal 2.1.0 OK.png 32-bit
DAVE 8.0 OK.png
Daylite 3.9.4 OK New version is fully compatible
Daylite Server 3.9.4 OK New version is fully compatible
DAZ Studio NO.png
DB2 Express-C 9.5.2 OK.png
DBDroplet UNKNOWN.png
DbVisualizer 7.1.1 OK.png Database Tool, Java-based
dbWrench OK.png
Deep Freeze Mac 4.5 OK.png
Deep 1.1.1 OK.png
Deeper 1.2.2 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-08-14)
Deeper 1.2.4 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-09-19)
Default Folder X 4.3 OK.png (No comment)
DejaMenu 1.2.2 OK.png
Déjà Vu 3.6 OK.png
Delicious Library 2.3 OK.png 2.3 just released, fixes Snow Leopard issues
Delicious Safari 1.7 NO.png Workaround use 32-bit and new release coming soon
Delish UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
DeltaWalker 1.8.7 OK.png Works well, faster.
deskUNPDF 2.0 OK.png
DeskShade 2.1 OK.png
Desktop Tiles.saver 2.1 OK.png (No comment / 2009-09-06)
Devicescape 3.0.53 OK.png
Device Central CS4 (2.0.0) UNKNOWN.png
Devon Think Personal 1.9.16 UNKNOWN.png
Devon Think Personal 2.0 pb6 OK.png
Devon Think Pro Office 2.0 pb6 WARNING.png Mail conduit broken
Diabetes Logbook X 1.5.3 OK.png
Diablo 2: LOD 1.12a OK.png Mail conduit broken
Diablotin 1.3 WARNING.png 32 bit preference pane - will ask for preferences restart to work
Dictionary 2.1.1 OK.png
DiffMerge 3.3 OK.png Works fine, fully supported.
DigitalColor Meter 3.7.2 UNKNOWN.png OS X Utility
Digital Performer 5.13 WARNING.png Will crash if you attempt to load an unsupported AU/VST (remove from system) also, may have issues with files saved before OS upgrade.
Digital Performer 6.02 OK.png
Digital Sentry 1.0.9 OK.png
Diogenes 3.1 OK.png
Director MX 2004 10.2 NO.png
Disc Cover 2.3.2 OK.png
Disc Cover RE 2.3 NO.png Doesn't work at all under SL 1.03 OK.png
DiscoXT Std 5.5 OK.png
Disco 1.0.3 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
DiscoBrick iTunes Plugin 1.50 OK.png Runs normally.
Disctop Pro 2.6 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2008-01-11) 4.xx OK.png
Disk Inventory X 1.0 WARNING.png 1.0 Doesn't work but 1.0 Universal Beta does
DiskLibrary 1.9.5 OK.png
DiskTracker 2.4 WARNING.png Can't add any new discs to the database. Crashes in Rosetta
DiskTracker 2.4.1b1 OK.png New beta release apparently addresses issues adding new discs to database in Snow Leopard - being tested
DiskTools Pro 3.0.2 OK.png
Disk Utility 11.5 UNKNOWN.png OS X Utility
DiskWarrior 4.1 NO.png Free updater available to update to 4.2
DiskWarrior 4.2 OK.png
Disney Pixar: Ratatouille by THQ unknown NO.png Software does not start. I am using the German edition, translated error message: You can not use this version of the software "Rat" with this version of Mac OS X, You use Rat unknown. This incompatibility is also documented here
Disney Pixar: The Incredibles - Rise of the Underminer by THQ unknown According to documentation, seems defunct NO.png German edition, Software starts loading and then quits unexpectedly after showing the copyright notice and the load indicator
DisplayConfigX 1.09 OK.png with Rosetta
District 9 Screensaver Current NO.png Application not moved on install, not removed from screensavers list, error message if you try to run it
Dix 7.0 NO.png
Divx 7.1 OK.png Worked playing video however might need an additional audio decoder to play the soundtrack of this file
DMGConverter OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-01-24)
DMGConverter 5.5.2 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-10-10)
Dock Gone 1.0.2 OK.png
DockChanger 1.8.3 OK.png Works to change dock once, did not test more than one change, change stays. Developer no longer in business since 16.9.09
Docker 1.6.4 OK.png Works as well as in plain old Leopard
Docker 1.6.4 WARNING.png (Do not run properly / 2009-09-24)
DockFun! 4.7 OK.png It seems to be working
Dockless 1.3.3 WARNING.png Hides/shows apps from dock, but some buttons (Relaunch / Quit) on main window don't work.
DockStar 2.1.4 OK.png Mail Addon
Docktop 1.3 WARNING.png Only seems to work reliably with one instance set at "Normal" level. Dev claims new version is on the way.
DocumentsToGo 1.0000.36 OK.png Vendor claims latest release works
DoktorKleanor 10.4 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2005-08-21)
Doomsday Engine 1.9b6.6 OK.png
DOSbox 0.72 OK.png
DOSbox 0.73 UNKNOWN.png
Dot.Tunes 4.3.0 Build 3 NO.png Update broke QuickTime; not sure if these guys are even still in business, as they haven't returned e-mails. Bummer: $80 wasted….
Double Command 1.6.7 OK.png In 32-bit only
DoubleTake 2.2.3 OK.png
Downsize 2.7 OK.png
DragThing 5.9.4 OK.png
Drive Genius 2 2.2.1 OK.png
Dropbox 0.6.567 OK.png Full Snow Leopard support!
DropDMG 2.8.5 OK.png
Dropzone 0.2.7 OK.png
DSS Player 7.2.1 UNKNOWN.png Player for Olympus recorders
DSW (Do Something When) 1.2 OK.png "On application launch", "on application quit" and "on mount" all tested by developer on 10.6 and no problems seen.
Duke Nukem 3D 1.5 (PPC) OK.png if rosetta is installed, runs just fine
dupeGuru 2.7.3 UNKNOWN.png (No comment / 2009-02-06)
dupeGuru 2.11.1 UNKNOWN.png (No comment / 2010-08-26)
DVD Remaster 5.2.1 OK.png
DVD2oneX 2.4 OK.png
DVD Imager 1.6 NO.png hangs at start of imaging
DVDManager Pro 2.x OK.png
DVD Player 5.2 OK.png Part of OS x
DVDxDV 1.39.8 UNKNOWN.png
DxO Optics Pro Any version NO.png PACE Interlok framework broken. Won't work. DxO support says they have no plan to support 10.6.
DxO Optics Pro 5 NO.png The "Select" tab will not work on 10.6. DxO Labs is working on a version of DxO Optics Pro compatible with Snow Leopard. The date of availability is not known yet. For details and workarounds, see: Also see: InstallGuide_EN (PDF)
Dymo Label Software 8.2.1 OK.png Supports: LabelWriter 450 Series, 400 Series, 4XL, LabelWriter 310 (models 90966, 93029 & 93034 ONLY), LabelWriter 315 (model 90975 ONLY), LabelWriter 320 (models 90892, 93031 & 93036 ONLY), LabelWriter 330 (model 90891 & 93037 USB ONLY), LabelWriter 330 Turbo (models 90884, 93033 & 93038, USB ONLY), LabelManager PCII, LabelManager 450, LabelManager 450D, LabelPoint 350. LW300 series labelwriters that are NOT listed have an old unsupported USB chipset, so will not work on new OS.
DYMO Label 8.2 OK.png Fully compatible. Avoiding entering registration information on Dymo's site by downloading from softpedia.
Dymo Label 7* or 8* NO.png "Unfortunately, LabelWriter 330 that you have (model 90792) is not supported with snow leopard. "
DynDNS Updater 2.3 NO.png Daemon won't launch automatically
DynDNS Updater 2.4 OK.png Daemon launch issue fixed
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
EagleFiler 1.4.9 OK.png
EarthDesk 4.XX NO.png Does not work. Have to upgrade to version 5.
EasyBatch 1.5 OK.png
EasyBatchPhoto 2.3.3 OK.png
EasyFind 4.5 OK.png
EasyListening 1.1.1 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Echofon .93 OK.png beta
Echofon .94 OK.png beta
Echofon .95 OK.png beta 32-bit only 64 bit removed
eclipse OK.png I haven't extensively tested it, but it runs without crashing, maybe a little slowly. May require installing Java 1.5 since SL actually only ships with Java 1.6 (google installing-java-1-5-on-snow-leopard)
Eclipse 3.5 Cocoa OK.png May require installing Java 1.5 since SL actually only ships with Java 1.6 (google installing-java-1-5-on-snow-leopard)
ecto 3 OK.png Works fine for me.
eFax Messenger 3.1.10 WARNING.png not working: Preview, Save as PDF; ok: Print
Electricsheep 2.7b17b NO.png (No comment)
Electric Sheep.saver 2.7b28 OK.png (No comment / 2010-08-07)
Elements 2.2.1 OK.png Works perfectly under Snow Leopard
Elgato Video Capture 1.0 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Elmedia Player 4.0 OK.png
Email Backup Pro 2.3.2 OK.png
Emailchemy 9.8.8 UNKNOWN.png
Emoji for iChat 1.1 NO.png .
emWave Mac Stress Relief System 1.0 OK.png Works great!
Emulator Enhancer 2.3 OK.png No issues
Encyclopaedia Britannica 2009 OK.png Installing from the 2009 DVD works on 32-bit kernel mode
EndNote X2 OK.png (No comment)
Engineering Aid 2.0.7 UNKNOWN.png (Revised : October 18, 2002)
Epson Printing software UNKNOWN.png Easy Photo Print doesn't work properly
Epson Scan EPSON Scan (2.7w) NO.png EPSON Scan (2.7w) - 20 February 2006 Epson Scan doesn't work. Check and see if device is recognized by the system; if so use Preview to scan.
Epson Scan EPSON Scan (3.02E) OK.png 29-Sep-2009: version 3.02E works fine
Espionage 2.5.1 OK.png Compatible since version 2.1.
Espresso 1.07 OK.png v1.07 and later work fine on Snow Leopard. Earlier versions have various issues and may not launch.
Eudora 6.2.4 OK.png Requires Rosetta
EVE Online Apocrypha 1.5 OK.png
EventBox 580 OK.png (No comment)
Evernote WARNING.png Spotlight integration not working properly, synching issues as well
Evernote 1.4.8 WARNING.png Issues with Safari Clipper in 64 bit mode, iSight Note broken, Quick Look broken, Firefox Clipper sends to web instead of app.
Evernote version 1.4.9 OK.png According to the developers, all issues have apparently been fixed. Look for update link on the blog (see link here on left)
ExactScan 2.7.5 OK.png
Excalibur 4.0.7 OK.png
Exif Untrasher 1.4.3 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
ExifTool 7.95 OK.png
ExifViewer 2.6 OK.png (No comment)
ExpanDrive 2.0.6 OK.png Updated
ExpanDrive 2.1.1 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Expose 1.1 UNKNOWN.png OS X Utility
Extensis Asset Management Portfolio Server 9 9.1.1 OK.png More info:
Extensis Font Doctor 7.7 OK.png More info:
Extensis Font Reserve Client NO.png Replaced by Universal Type Server 2. More info:
Extensis Font Reserve Server NO.png Replaced by Universal Type Server 2. More info:
Extensis Portfolio Server 8.5.4 NO.png Replaced by Portfolio Server 9. More info:
Extensis Portfolio NetPublish 8.5.x NO.png Replaced by Portfolio Server 9 NetPublish. More info:
Extensis Portfolio Server 9 Desktop Client 9.1.1 OK.png More info:
Extensis Portfolio Server 9 NetPublish 9.1.1 OK.png More info:
Extensis Portfolio Server 8.5.4 NO.png Replaced by Portfolio Server 9. More info:
Extensis Portfolio Stand-Alone 8.5.4 OK.png More info:
Extensis Suitcase Client X1 NO.png Replaced by Universal Type Server 2. More info:
Extensis Suitcase Fusion 2 13.2 OK.png Compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). Support for TrueType Collection (.ttc) fonts, including updated Snow Leopard system fonts. Import and export of font sets. Additional improvements and fixed issues. More info:
Extensis Suitcase Fusion 12.1.7 NO.png Replaced by Suitcase Fusion 2. More info:
Extensis Suitcase Server X1 11.0 NO.png Replaced by Universal Type Server 2. More info:
Extensis Universal Type Client 2 2.1.1 OK.png More info:
Extensis Universal Type Client 1.0.3 NO.png Replaced by Universal Type Client 2. More info:
Extensis Universal Type Server 2 Lite 2.1.1 OK.png More info:
Extensis Universal Type Server 2 Pro 2.1.1 OK.png More info:
Extensis Universal Type Server 1.0.1 NO.png Replaced by Universal Type Server 2. More info:
ExtremeZ-IP File and Print Server 6.0.2 OK.png Updated for Snow Leopard. More info:
Eye-Fi Manager 2.6 OK.png (No comment)
Eye-One Match 3.6.2 WARNING.png ProfileReminder fails to detect valid profiles. At least one user reported that the colorimeter may not be recognized in some cases.
Eye-One Match 3.6.3 OK.png
eyeBeam 1.5 NO.png
EyeTV Lite 1.3.2 (5247) OK.png (No comment)
EyeTV 2.5.3 (3313) WARNING.png Remote control problems. Using the play/pause and menu buttons when using EyeTV trigger Front Row and iTunes at the same time.
EyeTV 3.1.2 (5237) OK.png Some users are experiencing digital audio problems; refer to this page to get a beta preview of version 3.1.3
EZ 7z 0.87 OK.png
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
Fairmount 1.0.4 OK.png
Fairmount 1.1 OK.png (No comment / 2010-08-16)
Fairy Tower Version 1.1.7 UNKNOWN.png
Fallout II NO.png Video broken on WWDC build
FAM Driver Tool UNKNOWN.png
Fan Control 1.2 OK.png Seems to be working fine (first-gen, first-rev MBP) / Need 32-bit
Faronics Deep Freeze Mac 4.50 OK.png Works fine
Faronics Power Save Mac 3.02 OK.png Works fine, but System Preferences must run in 32-bit mode
FastTrack Schedule 9 9.2.2 OK.png
FastTrack Schedule 10 10.0.0 beta OK.png
Fate 1.23b UNKNOWN.png
Feeder 2.0.6 OK.png
Fetch 4.0.3 OK.png Requires Rosetta (showing prefs in List-View causes Finder-crash)
Fetch 5.5.2 OK.png Works like a charm.
ffmpegX 00.9y OK.png Works fine, Requires Rosetta
FFView 0.9.10 OK.png (Works fine / a16.pngFR loc / 2009-08-30)
FFXporter 0.4.4 OK.png
FieldLines.saver 1.2.1 OK.png (No comment / 2009-09-16)
File Juicer 4.19 OK.png
File Sheriff 1.3.2 OK.png
FileChute 4.2.3 OK.png (No comment)
FileGuard 10.5.2 OK.png
FileMagnet 1.3.1 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
FileMaker Pro 6.0.4 WARNING.png Web Companion. Says : not enough memory or TCP/IP error
FileMaker Pro 6.0.4 OK.png Works fine for me, though it seems the user above got an error
Filemaker Pro 10.0v3 Advanced WARNING.png Will not import Excel .xls files without Rosetta installed; AppleScripts can break due to change from “open file” to “open”.
Filemaker Pro 8.0 Advanced NO.png
Filemaker Pro 8.5 Advanced WARNING.png Presumably has same limitations as FM9, but my preinstalled copy works just fine.
Filemaker Pro 9 Advanced OK.png Requires optional Rosetta installation at time of Snow Leopard installation; do not install Rosetta from the FileMaker installer dialog.
Filemaker Pro 10.0v3 OK.png Will not import Excel .xls files without Rosetta installed; AppleScripts can break due to change from “open file” to “open”.
Filemaker Pro 8.x NO.png Printing doesn't work, though save to PDF does. See Otherwise all functions work normally
Filemaker Pro 9 OK.png

install Rosetta from the FileMaker installer dialog. ||

Filemaker Server Advanced 10.0v2 OK.png Requires optional Rosetta installation at time of Snow Leopard installation
Filemaker Server Advanced 8 NO.png
Filemaker Server Advanced 9 NO.png
Filemaker Server 10.0v2 OK.png Requires optional Rosetta installation at time of Snow Leopard installation
Filemaker Server 8 NO.png
Filemaker Server 9 NO.png
FilePathCM 1.1.1 NO.png No word yet from Limit Point
Filewrangler 1.2.1 NO.png Causes sudden and abrupt logout
FileZilla 3.2 OK.png (No comment)
FileZilla OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-08-12)
Final Cut Express 4.0 OK.png (No comment)
Final Cut Pro FCP 5.1.4 WARNING.png occasionally freezes, occasionally crashes, sometimes require restart to run
Final Cut Pro FCP 6.0.6 OK.png Works just fine.
Final Draft 7 UNKNOWN.png Will require Rosetta
Final Draft 8 OK.png (No comment)
Finale 2007c NO.png
Finale 2008b.r1 OK.png
Finale 2009c.r2 WARNING.png Fonts do not display correctly in some cases
Finale 2010 OK.png
Finale NotePad 2008 OK.png Seems to work normally
Finale NotePad 2009 UNKNOWN.png
Find Any File 1.2.1 UNKNOWN.png
Find Any File 1.4.2 OK.png (No comment / 2010-01-04)
FinderPop 2.2 NO.png Beta 2.2.1 available - still not compatible
FinderPop 2.3 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-05-19)
FineReader for ScanSnap 3.0 NO.png Error: PDF not created with ScanSnap
FineReader 10 UNKNOWN.png (No comment / 2010-02-03)
Fink 0.9.0 WARNING.png but this works. I was able to recreate the index database by running fink index -f
FinkCommander 0.5.4 WARNING.png I had to run 'fink index -f' to recreate the database. Then it ran.
Firefly 1.0 NO.png Won't start
Firefox 3.5.2 WARNING.png 32-Bit, Crashes when clicked on "Help" menu, profile manager does not work.
Firefox 3.5.3 OK.png "Help" menu crash seems to be fixed.
Firefox 3.6.8 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-07-23)
Backup for Mac's
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
FirstClass Client 9.1/10.0 OK.png Minor issues with attachment drag and drop, fix coming
Fission 1.6.6 OK.png
Flagit! 1.3.6 OK.png Apple Mail must be 32-bit
FlamingoHD 1.3.0 OK.png
Flash Decompiler Trillix 4.0 OK.png
Flash Optimizer 2.3 OK.png Works fine
Flash'In'App 2.5 OK.png
FlexCal 1.13 OK.png Works but is 32-bit at this time.
FlexCal 1.14 OK.png (No comment / 2010-03-10)
FlexColor 4.8.5 OK.png (No comment)
flickery 1.5 OK.png (No comment)
Flickr Uploader 3.1.4 WARNING.png Erratic behavior including crashes
Flickr Uploader 3.2.1 Übersetzungsbüro] OK.png
Flip4Mac WARNING.png 32-bit. 64-bit beta update can be found here
Flip4Mac WARNING.png Remove QT7
Flip4Mac OK.png (WMV Player / 2010-06-16)
FlipShare 4.5 UNKNOWN.png
Flock 2.5.2 OK.png Appears to be working following update.
Flow 1.2.1 OK.png
FluidTunes WARNING.png Song/artist info doesn't display correctly - everything else works
Fluid 0.9.6 WARNING.png (GoogleGears will break Gmail. Just disable them for now / 2009-03-02)
Flush 0.21 OK.png (Appears to be working following update / 2009-09-07)
Flux 2.31 OK.png
Flying ApplesX.saver 1.0 OK.png (No comment / 2009-08-30)
FMenu 3.1 OK.png New version 3.1 fully Snow Leopard compatible, including 64-bit support.
FMMenulet 1.0.4 NO.png new version coming
FMSnippets 1.3.1 OK.png requires update to this version
FolderTeint 1.2.1 OK.png
FolderTeint 1.2.5 WARNING.png (Wants to close the session after modification of the folder / Do not seem to work / 2010-04-01)
Folx 1.0 OK.png works fine
FONIC Mobile Partner 11.300.05.13.40 NO.png Application crash (EXC_BAD_ACCESS) on startup - workaround available (in German):
FontAgent Pro 4.0.3 UNKNOWN.png
Font Book 2.1.1 OK.png Part of OS X.
fontmatrix 0.5.0 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2009-05-07)
FontNuke 1.1.5 NO.png A Snow Leopard update is in the works - about a week.
FontNuke 1.1.7 UNKNOWN.png (No comment / 2010-05-10)
Foobillard 2.5 OK.png (No comment / 2003-03-12)
ForeverStarsGL.saver 1.0 OK.png (No comment / 2010-04-02)
Forklift 1.7.5 OK.png
FormacDVB 2.3.1 NO.png Launches but findes no receiver
FormacDVB 2.4.0b1 OK.png Works but expires Dec. 1st 2009
FormulatePro 0.0.6 OK.png (No comment / 2009-10-18)
fotoBiz 2 OK.png Requires Rosetta
fotoKeyword Harvester 1 OK.png
FotoMagico WARNING.png According to the developers, "FotoMagico 2.6.2 and FotoMagico 3.0.5 have been tested with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. The applications work, but ScreenSavers created with FotoMagico will not run on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. We are investigating ways to restore this functionality"
fotoQuote Pro 6 OK.png
Frameline 47 WARNING.png Not compatible due to SQLite issue, fix coming soon
France Info 1.2.1 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2009-12-10)
Free Ruler 1.6 OK.png Requires Rosetta
Free Ruler 1.7b5 OK.png probably needs Rosetta
freedom 0.5.1 OK.png
FreeNX NO.png (No comment)
Freefall 2.0 WARNING.png app seems to work. screensaver does not - update to version 2.1 which fixes the screensaver for Snow Leopard
Freefall 2.1 OK.png (No comment)
Freeway Express 5.4.1 OK.png
Freeway Pro 1.2 OK.png
Fresh 1.1.4 OK.png
Fritz.mac Suite 1.2 NO.png No fax goes out
Front Row 1.1 UNKNOWN.png part of OS X
Front Row 1.3.1 WARNING.png Can be installed with this method. Music and photos work fine. However when you go to videos your get stuck in an "A problem has occurred" loop.
Frostwire 4.18.1 WARNING.png must be forced into 32 bit mode
Frostwire 4.18.2 OK.png works in 64 bit mode
Fruit Menu 3.7.3 NO.png Fruit expert - Expect an extremely long delay with no news
fseventer 2.6.6 UNKNOWN.png
fseventer 2.7.6 OK.png (No comment / 2010-08-02)
FStream 1.4.3 NO.png Crashes Due start
FStream 1.4.4 OK.png Running fine
FStream 1.4.5 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2009-12-13)
Fugu 1.2 OK.png (No comment)
Full Tilt Poker Client OK.png
Fun Card Maker 1.0.2 OK.png
Fundsupermart Widget 0.2.5 OK.png Works fine
Funtastic Photos 1.0.6 OK.png
FuseFS UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
FuzzyClock 1.2.10 OK.png Works.
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
Galerie 5.4.0 UNKNOWN.png
Gallery Grabber QED 0.22.2 OK.png 32-bit
Gamepedia 4.5.3 OK.png
GarageBand 4.1.2 OK.png part of ILife '08
GarageBand 5.1 OK.png (No comment / 2008-12-23)
GarageBuy 1.6.1 OK.png 32-bit
GarageSale 5.3.5 OK.png 32-bit
GARestaurant 1.1 OK.png Commercial designing tools for Mac OS 10.4.11 or later
Garmin ANT Agent 2.1.3 OK.png
Garmin BaseCamp 2.0.1 OK.png
Garmin Communicator Plugin 2.8.1 OK.png Communication with Garmin GPS just got easier Mac OS 10.4 or later with Firefox 2.0+ or Safari 2.0+
Garmin MapInstall 2.1.0 OK.png Garmin maps require Mac OS 10.4 or later 512 MB RAM
Garmin MapManager 2.1.0 OK.png
Garmin POI Loader 2.1.0 OK.png
Garmin RoadTrip 2.0.2 OK.png Transfer waypoints, tracks, and routes between your Mac and Garmin navigation device. Recommended Intel-based Mac OS 10.4.11 or later
Garmin Training Center beta OK.png
Garmin WebUpdater 2.0.6 OK.png
Garritan Personal Orchestra (GPO) 4.0 OK.png according to David Viens, Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc. from a post in the northersounds forum.
Geekbench 2.1.4 OK.png
GeekTool WARNING.png 2.1.2 works but in 32-bit mode. Have not tried the 3.0 RC5, yet. Some of your shell commands may be different. Shell command for CPU usage was changed but can be redone.
Genius 1.7.250 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
GeoGebra OK.png File save bug fixed.
GeoGebra WebStart OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2008-10-22)
Geotagalog 1.4.6 OK.png Works in both 32- and 64-bit mode.
GeoTagger 2 2.0 OK.png (No comment)
Get Backup 2.2.2 OK.png
Get Backup 2 2.3.2 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-05-06)
Get Backup 2 2.4 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-08-26)
Get Tube 4.01 OK.png (No comment)
Get Tube 4.51 NO.png (Does not work / 2010-03-23)
GhostReader 1.6.5 OK.png previous versions are not compatible
GimmeSomeTune 4.2.1 OK.png Plz somebody try it Works great!
Gimp 2.6.7 OK.png
Gimp 2.6.10 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-08-06)
Gimp 2.6.11 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-10-05)
Gizmo Project UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Gizmo5 4.0 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
GlimmerBlocker 1.4.1 OK.png (No comment)
Glims 1.0b20 OK.png Beta test - see note 1.0b21 is being tested and works in Snow Leopard -
GLMatrix.saver 2.0 OK.png (No comment / 2009-09-08)
Globe Trotter Connect OK.png EDIT from 13th September 2009 Driver Update is available now!!! GlobeTrotter Connect Software is OK, but you have to install the new Driver for your Datacard the version no. is 2.15.0
GO-GLOBAL Mac Client Unk OK.png No issues so far.
Goldenseal 4.5 OK.png Version 4.5 first universal binary. Older versions run under Rosetta.
Google AppEngineLauncher UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Google Chrome OK.png (No comment)
Google Chrome 5.0.375.127 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-07-31)
Google Chrome 7.0.517.144 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-11-04)
Google Desktop NO.png Not Supported
Google Earth 5.1.3509.4636 OK.png
Google Earth (beta) OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-08-12)
Google Gears NO.png Google Gears for Firefox is OK. Google Gears for Safari/WebKit doesn't work. Workaround:
Google Notifier OK.png (No comment)
Google Picasa 3.5 OK.png
Google SketchUp 6.0 OK.png
Google SketchUp 7.0 OK.png
Google+Growl 3.0 OK.png
goSecure 1.2 (133) UNKNOWN.png Dev hasn't yet officially confirmed it's ok, but seems to work fine.
GoToAssist Express Expert 185 OK.png Expert and Customer work under SL, tested 03/09/09
GoToAssist Corporate 9.0 build 570 NO.png When trying to start a session from Safari, you get an error page can not refresh and the download does not finish therefore the session doesn't start
GoToMeeting WARNING.png Works great for pretty much everything EXCEPT Keynote:
GPGMail 1.2.0 (v56) NO.png Developer does not currently plan to update for Snow Leopard
GPS Assistant 5.2 OK.png Works fine with Snow Leopard
Grab 1.5 UNKNOWN.png OS X Utility
Grammarian 1.8.5 OK.png
GrandPerspective 1.1.0 OK.png
GrandPerspective 1.3.3 OK.png (No comment / 2010-05-24)
Grapher 2.1 UNKNOWN.png OS X Utility
GraphicConverter 6.5.1 OK.png (No comment)
GreaseKit 1.6 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Gridiron Flow 1.0 NO.png Release "imminent".
Grisbi 0.5.9 OK.png
Growl 1.2 OK.png Versions prior to 1.2 final had various issues
Growl 1.2.1 OK.png (No comment / 2010-07-09)
Gruml 0.9.10 OK.png
Guitar Pro 5.3b1 OK.png
GUI Tar 1.2.3 UNKNOWN.png
GyazMail 1.5.8 UNKNOWN.png
Banckle Online Meeting 1.0 UNKNOWN.png

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