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Below is a list of applications and their compatibility status with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, the most recent operating system from Apple. Please collaborate by sharing your experiences using each application and by adding applications not already listed. Note: due to abuses, registration is now required to edit the list. Thanks for your cooperation.

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Update: There are now four categories: UNKNOWN UNKNOWN.png is for apps that are untested, OK OK.png for apps that work fine, NO NO.png for apps that do not work, and WARNING WARNING.png for those with some problems.

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Please note: This is a text based editing system. To add information, be prepared ahead of time by having your data ready to paste in (open TextEdit, copy everything from the first || , to the last || , then replace the placeholders with the information needed.), using the following format :

|| Application Name || Version || Website URL || [[image {OK/NO/UNKNOWN/WARNING}.png]] || Notes (Comments) ||

When you have replaced the placeholders with your info, and choose OK, NO, UNKNOWN, or WARNING to set the correct graphic icon. Paste the edited text into its corresponding alphabetical place in the text list. Do not add it into the code above, it doesn't work that way : )

Please also note that editing anything besides application compatibility data (i.e. ads) will get you banned. Thanks. -admin

For information about potential printing issues on Snow Leopard, see printing-issues

Java Note: After Snow Leopard installation, only Java SE 6 remains and is used for all Java applications and applets; previous Java versions (which were present in Leopard and Tiger) are gone. This may cause issues with Java apps/applets that don't work correctly with Java SE 6: these will need to be updated to work with Snow Leopard.

Application Name Version URL Status Notes
Halo 2.0.3 (UB) OK.png Working for me so far…
Hamachi NO.png Needs Rosetta; won't start
Handbrake 0.9.3 OK.png Works Fine
Hardware Growler 1.2 UNKNOWN.png
Hardware Monitor 4.8 UNKNOWN.png
Harmony 1.0.3 OK.png
Harmony Assistant 9.4.7c OK.png playback worked, including use of Gold Sound Base and Virtual Singer options
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 1.0 OK.png No apparent issues from what I have observed so far
Hattrick Organizer 1.424. OK.png works great
haXe 2.04 OK.png Works!
Hazel 2.3.4 OK.png
Headline 1.0.2 OK.png
Hear 1.0.3 OK.png
Hex Fiend 2.0 OK.png works!
Home Concert Xtreme 2.1.5 OK.png Works Great
Home Storage Manager 1.5 NO.png Will NOT find NAS drive on the network
Homeworld 2 1.0-1.1 NO.png crashes immediately
Homeworld 2 1.1.1 WARNING.png uncheck "Disable mouse acceleration in game"
Horaires SNCF 1.2.8 OK.png
HotBox 1.0 OK.png
Hotspot Shield 0.942-2 OK.png 32-Bit
HoudahGeo 2.2.9 OK.png Version 2.3 is soon to be released
HoudahSpot 2.5.6 OK.png
HP Deskjet F4100 Driver NO.png Need update from HP
HP Installer 2.0.5 NO.png Goal of SN is for printers to work without needing programs like HP Installer. SL compatibility requires driver update from HP and/or Apple, but HP last updated HP Installer in early 2008! HP supposedly is working on a user-friendly installer solution to avoid users having to manually perform work-arounds like below…
HP Installer 2.0.5 NO.png The work-around: do NOT install ANY HP driver or installer software, or if you already have such software installed from pre-SL, then UNINSTALL ALL prior software (using HP's Uninstall app, found in the HP folder). Re-boot, and ADD your printer manually to system prefs 'Print and FAX' page, using Bonjour and/or USB. Once your printer's name populates the list, click to add it, but you'll get a warning message saying you need to use Apple's Software Update; do so now. It SHOULD show the HP drivers that need to be downloaded and installed (from Apple HP Printer Driver Update, about 80MB). After this, and you should be able to print. If you want to scan, too, be sure to install 2nd set of USB printer drivers while your printer is plugged via USB (since you can't scan via Bonjour). The USB driver will be needed for Image Capture to work.
HP Scan 8.2 (39) OK.png Reinstallation needed, Installer needs Rosetta
Hulu Desktop 0.9.6 OK.png Works Perfectly, Internet Plug-In is PowerPC only, not a Universal Binary
Hunter Suite (DVD/Book/Game Hunter 1.0 beta WARNING.png Icon View in Dvd Hunter not working (author claims it works in Game Hunter and Book Hunter); Quick look integration
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
iAlertU 0.31b OK.png Works Perfectly
iBackup 6.7.3 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-03-21)
iBank 3.5.2 OK.png
iBench 1.1 OK.png
iBench 1.1.2 OK.png (No comment / 2009-09-25)
iBiz 3 UNKNOWN.png iBiz 3 not tested
iBiz 4 OK.png iBiz 4 guaranteed compatibility
IBM Lotus Symphony 1.1.8 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc)
iCab 4.5 OK.png (No comment)
iCab 4.8.0 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-07-18)
iCal 4.0.1 OK.png part of OS X
iCalamus 1.16 OK.png
iChat 5.0.1 UNKNOWN.png part of OS X
iChatUSBCam v2.2.5 NO.png No longer supported
iChm 1.4.1 OK.png Tested it for a few minutes and it seemed fine
iClip 4 WARNING.png (Preferences panel unresponsive. Manage clip sets locks up. iClip is no longer available for sale or download.)
iClock 1.0rc OK.png 64 bit
iClock Pro 1.00rc1 or OK.png 64 bit
iColor Display 3.5 WARNING.png 32bit, (Hardware) calibration works with i1 and Spyder, but not with DTP94 - Version 3.6 will fix this.
iColor Print 1.5 WARNING.png 32bit, i1 and Datacolor1005 work, DTP20 has issues - Version 1.6 will fix this
iColor Output 1.x NO.png not compatible with 10.6 - Version 2 will fix this.
IConjugue 2.0.7 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-02-09)
iDefrag 2.0.3 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc)
iDefrag 2.0.4 WARNING.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc with bug)
iDefrag 2.0.5 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-08-18)
iDefrag TOBW 1.6.9 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
iDive 1.9.1 OK.png Answer from Aquafadas: The last version 1.9.1 is compatible with Mac OS 10.6. We test this version and it don't need an update to works correctly.
IDLE 2.6.2 OK.png
IDLE 3.1.2 OK.png (No comment)
IDLE 3.2 alpha 1 WARNING.png (Preview release / Use not recommended in production settings / 2010-03-24)
iDVD 7.0.4 UNKNOWN.png part of iLife '08
ies4osx UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
iFinance 3.0.8 OK.png Works fine
iFlash 2.8.1 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
iFlicks 1.0.8 OK.png
iGetter 2.7.5 WARNING.png iGetter integration works with Safari in 32 bit mode. Application works fine.
iGlasses 2.1.3 OK.png Released 13 Oct 2009
iGooMap 1.7.3 OK.png
iKey 2.3.4 or OK.png Works great
iLinc 10.2.5 OK.png
Image Capture 6.9 UNKNOWN.png part of OS X
Image Tricks 2.4.1 OK.png
Image Tricks 3.0.1 OK.png (No comment / 2010-03-31)
ImageWell 3.7.4 OK.png
iMedia Browser 1.2.1 OK.png
iMedia Browser 1.2.2 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-03-17)
IMOD 3.13.6 OK.png
iMovie 7.1.4 UNKNOWN.png iMovie 7 is not bundled with Mac OS X, it is bundled with iLife '08, and an update to 7.1.4 is available on Apple's website, and iLife '09 includes version 8. Version 8.0.5 is available as a free update from Apple's website for iLife '09 users. iLife '08 and '09 are prebundled with machines from the period of their retail availability.
iMovie 8.0.5 OK.png Tested with 32 bit mode enabled, and Rosetta installed on iMac 5.1
iMovie HD (aka iMovie 6) 6.0.3 OK.png No longer supported by Apple, but it still works.
img2icns 1.2 OK.png
InCrease 2.4.3 WARNING.png qd requires Rosetta
Indigo 4.0 OK.png Minor UI issues, fixed in v4.1 (open beta currently available), but it works
Infitran 3.2 OK.png
Infovox iVox 1.3 NO.png Voices will not work
Infovox iVox 2.0 OK.png This version is currently in beta, not all languages available yet
info.xhead 2.0 Beta OK.png Limited-functionality beta now available for Snow Leopard.
InfoWallet 1.1.05 OK.png Minor bugfix of auto-importing a data file which had to be done manually
Inkscape 0.46 NO.png Version 0.46 crashes upon opening.
Inkscape 0.47 WARNING.png A bug where python extensions don't run is still being fixed. Other than that it's fine.
Inkscape 0.48 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-08-14)
InqScribe 2.0.5 OK.png Current version, 2.0.5, works fine with Snow Leopard Mac OS (10.6)
Inquisitor 3.2v62 WARNING.png Requires 32-bit mode for Safari
InsomniaX 1.3.3 WARNING.png This only works on a fresh install of Snow Leopard (10.6), NOT an upgrade from Leopard (10.5.x). According to some, version 0.5 (here ) seems to work, but is missing features. Completely incompatible with 64-bit kernel
InsomniaX 1.3.5 OK.png
InstantShot! 2.5 OK.png (Appears to work / a16.pngFR loc / 2007-12-22)
Intaglio 3.0.1 OK.png (No comment)
Intego NetBarrier X5 10.5.5 OK.png
Intego Personal Antispam X5 10.5.4 OK.png works well with mail
Intego Personal Backup X5 10.5.6 OK.png
Intego VirusBarrier X5 10.5.10 OK.png No problems installing and running on 32 and 64 bits
Interarchy 9.0.1 OK.png
InterMapper 5.1 OK.png Works great!! Diagnose Network Performance problems in real-time
Internet Everywhere 2.0 OK.png USB modem Option 225 needs updated driver v 2.15.0
Internet MIDI 1.0b170 (release candidate) OK.png Works Great
interWays MAIL 5.0.17 + OK.png
Invisibility Toggler 1.1 OK.png Works great!
inVisible 1.2 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2008-11-29)
Involver 1.3.2 WARNING.png Some Buttons are missing
ioQuake3 1.36 OK.png No issues
iPhone Configuration Utility UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
iPhone Configuration Utility 3.0 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-07-02)
iPhone Explorer 2.005 OK.png (No comment / 2010-08-03)
iPhoto 7.1.5 UNKNOWN.png Part of iLife '08
iPhoto Buddy 1.3.3 OK.png Works great!
iPhoto Library Manager 3.5.5 OK.png
iPlayer Downloader 3.3 OK.png
iPlayMusic 2.0.5 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
IPMenu 1.1 UNKNOWN.png
iPodViewer 3.0.1 OK.png
iPodRip 1.2.7 OK.png
iPSecuritas VPN Client 3.3 OK.png
iPurge Safari Caches 1.4 OK.png
iRatchet 1.9.1 UNKNOWN.png
iREcordMusic 1.6 (build 468) OK.png
iRepair 1.0.6 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2007-12-10)
iSale 4.4.6 OK.png
iSale 5.5.4 OK.png
iScrobbler client 2.3b1 OK.png
iShowU 1.7.5 OK.png
iShowU HD 2.1.2 OK.png should work acc. to support
Isolator 4.4 OK.png (No comment / 2009-09-17)
iSquint 1.52 OK.png works great!
iStat Menus 1.3 NO.png Does not load. Some instances of crashing reported. Upgrade to iStat Menus 2.0
iStat Menus 2.0 WARNING.png Works, but date at top of Calendar window does not update unless you remove Calendar and put it back on the menubar again.
iStat Pro 4.9 WARNING.png Works, but does not remember "show network adapter"-settings when switching network locations
iStat Pro 4.92 OK.png (No comment / 2010-01-14)
iStat Server OK.png (No comment)
iSoftPhone 2.6 OK.png works great!
iStopMotion 2.0.8 OK.png iStopMotion 2.0.8 supported on 10.6
iStrip 2.0 Beta OK.png
iStumbler Release 98 NO.png Fails to detect any wireless networks.
iStumbler Release 99 OK.png Works with 10.6.2 and 32 bit mode.
iStumbler Release 99 OK.png (Works with 10.6.4 / 32 bit mode / 2010-02-16)
iSubtitle 1.4 OK.png (No comment)
iSync 3.1.0 UNKNOWN.png part of OS X
iSyncIt 1.6.1 OK.png
iTaskX 2.6.0 OK.png
iTerm 0.9.6. 20090415 OK.png Mostly works, cannot correctly use alt/opt key as meta or +ESC
iTiVo 1.7.6 OK.png
iToner 2.0.4 OK.png
iTunes 9.0 OK.png part of OS X
iUsage 2.0.5 OK.png
iView MediaPro 3.1.1 OK.png (No comment)
iVolume 3.5 OK.png Works great
Ivory (Mahjongg) 1.x.x OK.png Works fine!
Ivory 1.0.1 OK.png (No comment / 2010-08-04)
Ivory Grand Pianos 1.72.00 OK.png This updates Ivory AU and standalone for OS X 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6
iVPN 4.2 UNKNOWN.png Version 4.2 fixed a compatibility issue with Snow Leopard. As of this version, iVPN should work just as normal on Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard, but not tested. Test someone please.
iWatermark 3.2 OK.png works fine
iWeb 2.0.4 UNKNOWN.png part of iLife 08
iWeb Enhancer 1.7 UNKNOWN.png
iWeb Expander 1.0 UNKNOWN.png
iWeb Valet 2.2.3 OK.png
iWow 3.1 OK.png Removed by SL installer, but version 3.1 works if reinstalled. Other versions currently do not work. Download 3.1 here:
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
Jack OSX 0.82 UNKNOWN.png it looks like 0.83 is in preparation
Jaikoz 3.3.2 UNKNOWN.png
Jameica 1.9.0 OK.png nightly build from See more details (in German) in
Java Preferences 13.0.0 UNKNOWN.png Mac OS X utility
JDownloader 0.8234 OK.png
jEdit 4.2 UNKNOWN.png
jEdit 4.3.2 OK.png (No comment / 2010-05-09)
JellyfiSSH 4.5.2 OK.png works fine
JES Deinterlacer 3.0 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
JetClock 1.1.1 OK.png Requires Rosetta
jGRASP 1.7.5;dl=download_jgrasp.html OK.png need to download & install Rosetta.
Jiggler 1.3 NO.png Crashes instantly.
Jing 2.1.17074 OK.png
JollysFastVNC 0.98.38 OK.png
Journler 2.5.5 OK.png
Jubler 4.13 OK.png Works fine.
Jumpcut 0.63 OK.png (No comment / 2008-10-04)
JungleDisk 2.62b OK.png
Juniper Network Connect 6.0.0 WARNING.png Need to recreate Frameworks folder in app by using Terminal [sudo mkdir '/Applications/Network']. Experiencing severe packet loss since upgrading.
JustLooking 3.3.3 UNKNOWN.png
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
K9 Web Protection 4.0.288 UNKNOWN.png
Kanaka 1.2.x WARNING.png Snow Leopard unable to mount volumes hosted on NetWare and OES2 SP1 servers via AFP, use CIFS/SMB instead. Novell patches due late September and October 2009. See here
Kaspersky Anti-Virus OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-05-29)
Keep Your Word 1.7 OK.png
KeePassX 0.4.1 OK.png
Kensington MouseWorks 3.0 r1 WARNING.png when you try to access through System Pref, it will cause it to quit System Pref and relaunch. Otherwise seems to work ok.
Kerio MailServer 6.7.1 WARNING.png Works fine with Mail and Address Book sync - but not yet with iCal. From the Kerio site: Kerio MailServer versions 6.7.1 and older do not fully support the desktop clients in Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Kerio advises that all Kerio MailServer customers do not upgrade to Snow Leopard at this time. Kerio remains committed to the Mac platform. Kerio MailServer will support Snow Leopard in the next service release.
Keyboard Cleaner 1.0 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Keyboard Maestro 3.5 OK.png
Keychain Access 4.1 UNKNOWN.png Mac OS X utiltiy
Keyclick 1.2.3 WARNING.png Pref pane opens in 32bit mode. Works OK until you fiddle with the settings. Then must logout/login again to get functionality back.
KeyCue 4.4 OK.png (No comment)
KeyStrokes 4.1.1 OK.png previous versions will crash
KeyWurl 1.4b7 WARNING.png 32-bit only. Little buggy, but works. This release is for Leopard, and updates Keywurl to support Safari 4.0.3. Note: This version occasionally crashes when you right-click on a form field and select "Create Keyword Search". To work around this problem, go into Safari's Preferences and click on the Keywurl tab to edit keywords. A fix is forthcoming. Note added by sikat ang pinoy
Kid Pix Deluxe 3X 1.2.4 OK.png Free update at
Kinematic 1.6.6 NO.png Working on 64 bit version. See
KisMAC 0.2.99 OK.png May crash unless you change the driver from Active to Passive in the KisMac prefs
KisMAC 0.3 OK.png (No comment / 2009-12-07)
Kitty Spangles Solitaire 3.9.2 OK.png Purr-fect
Klix 1.0.2 OK.png
KnowledgeMiner 6.0 OK.png works fine
KnowledgeMiner (yX) for Excel 2.0 OK.png works great
Kodak EasyShare 6.1 (84 SKU254) OK.png
Komodo IDE 5.2.0 UNKNOWN.png
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
Lab Tick 0.9.4 OK.png Works Fine in 32-bit
Label Printer Pro 6.2 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Labels & Addresses 1.3.3 OK.png
LaCie Network Assistant 1.3 OK.png -
LANrev 5.2.1 OK.png
LANrev InstallEase 1.3 OK.png
Lasso Professional 8.5.6 OK.png Required reinstall of Apache connector App 1.5.4 OK.png
LaTeX Equation Editor 1.3 UNKNOWN.png
LaTeXIT 1.16.1 OK.png depends on TeX install too
Latin WORDS 1.97 OK.png Requires Rosetta (but seems to run fine).
launch2net OK.png Includes latest 10.6 compatible modem drivers
LaunchBar 5.0RC4 OK.png
LayoutKitchen 2.1.2 OK.png previous versions are not compatible
LazyMouse 2.1.8 OK.png 32Bit
LDM all NO.png fcntl$UNIX2003() call eventually hangs
leafChat 2.21b OK.png Older versions worked, but required Rosetta
Leap 2.0.3 OK.png
LEGO Digital Designer 2.3.19 OK.png No apparent problems.
LEGO Digital Designer 3.1.3 OK.png (No comment / 2010-03-19)
LEGO Digital Designer 4.0.20 WARNING.png (Remove previous version before install / 2010-10-15)
Lego Star Wars 1.0 UNKNOWN.png
Lego Indiana Jones 1.0 UNKNOWN.png
Leopard Cache Cleaner 4.0.27 NO.png Replaced by Leopard Cache Cleaner v5.0.1 (or later)
Letter Opener 3.0.1 OK.png winmail.dat viewer for Mail
Letterbox 0.24b4 NO.png "For Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), keep your pants on. I'm testing an update now, and expect to be able to release it by Tuesday, September 8."
Librarian Pro 1.4.5 OK.png
LicenseKeeper 1.5 (1468) OK.png
Lightsoft Weather Center 0.5.1 OK.png
LightZone 3.8 OK.png
Line 6 Monkey NO.png (No comment)
Lineform 1.5 or 1.5.2 OK.png only tested 1.5.2, occasional crashes
LineIn 2.0.3 OK.png
Lingon 2.1.1 UNKNOWN.png
Linkinus 1.3 OK.png (No comment)
Linkinus 1.x NO.png (No comment)
Linkinus 2.0.2 OK.png (No comment)
Linotype FontExplorer X Pro 2.0.2 WARNING.png Company acknowledges some compatibility issues, new version due week of Sept 14th. (Some fonts not working for me.)
Linotype FontExplorer X 1.2.2 WARNING.png Doesn't work on me (no previews and cannot activate fonts), but apparently worked for someone else. I changed status from OK to WARNING. Try upgrading to version 1.2.3 - seems to work. Get it at
LiquidCD 2 OK.png
LiquidCD 2.05 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-05-09)
LiteIcon 1.3.1 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2008-02-16)
Little Snitch 2.1.4 WARNING.png Works for me perfectly. Not working for another user - "Little Snitch installation is broken"
Little Snitch 2.2 OK.png
LittleSecrets 1.7.1 OK.png Works great
LittleSnapper 1.5.1 OK.png
Live Interior 3D 2.2.1 OK.png
LiveDictionary 1.3 OK.png 32-bit
Live Mesh Beta Beta NO.png Mac client fails to sync
LiveQuartz 1.8.3 OK.png 64-bit
LivescribeDesktop WARNING.png Audio playback OK, some page lines missing. New beta update available - page line issue corrected.
Livestation OK.png
LiveWorship 1.3.65 OK.png (No comment)
LoadMyTracks 1.3.1 (073) OK.png Tested with USB, Storage, and Serial. If you have problems with serial, please check your serial port manufacturer's site for Snow Leopard driver compatibility
Location X 2.5.4 UNKNOWN.png
LocationFree Player 1.1.0 OK.png (No comment)
Locktight 0.1.1 OK.png handy screen-locking util
Logic Express 8.0.2 OK.png No problems (Notice: it runs in "32-bit mode")
Logic Pro 7.2.3 OK.png Tested basic playback and editing. No problems
Logic Pro 8.0.2 OK.png (No comment)
Loginox NO.png Website says not for 10.6 yet
Logitech Control Center 3.1,en/ OK.png Works fine in 64 and 32 bit.
Logitech Harmony Remote Software 7.6.0,en?osid=9 NO.png Version fixes issues with 7.6.0. The issue is that it Launches, and unexpectedly quits after downloading updates, claiming a Firewall issue exists even when the firewall is disabled.
Logitech Harmony Remote Software,en?osid=9 OK.png Works fine in Rosetta. Supports 10.3 through 10.6 according to Logitech website. Works fine in 10.6.2. Appears as version 7.6.0 in Snowcatcher!
Logmein 4.0.966 OK.png Edit: need to run Safari in 32bit mode in order to remote control clients, see
Logos Bible Software 1.2 WARNING.png Install 1.2.1 to address all known issues
Logos Bible Software 1.2.2 OK.png
LogTen Pro 5.0.3 OK.png
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 5 NO.png
LotsaGlass.saver 2.0 OK.png (No comment / 2009-08-31)
LotsaSnow.saver 1.4 OK.png (No comment / 2009-08-31)
LotsaWater.saver 1.5 OK.png (No comment / 2009-08-31)
Lotus Notes 6.5 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Lotus Notes 6..5.5 OK.png Produces an 'Overflow' error on opening mail but this stops after an initial reboot
Lotus Notes 8.5FP1 WARNING.png Issues with subfolder expansion arrows not visible. Also icons such as attachments or meetings are not visible in the inbox. Also issues with column where replied to and forwarded messages. Occasionally refuses to start requiring a reboot. Appears to work OK, but Lotus have to do more testing before a statement is made:
Lyx 1.6.3 WARNING.png Unstable, for details
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
M-Audio 2.1.2-2 NO.png Kernel extensions not yet compatible for at least : ProFire 610 and ProFire 2626
M-Audio - Radium 49 Driver 3.2.3 OK.png Works like on 10.5.8
Mac Family Tree 5.6.4 OK.png
Mac HelpMate 3.0 OK.png Works extremely well
Mac The Ripper MTR OK.png (No comment)
mAC3dec 1.6.3 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Macaroni 2.1.1 OK.png
Macbay 2.4 WARNING.png Addressbook SMS-Plug-in and Fax Printer supposedly don't work as of now; you can use the web interface though.
MacCleanse 1.4.8 OK.png
MacFUSE 2.0.3 WARNING.png 32-bit only - preference panel will ask to restart on each load
Macfusion 2.0.3 NO.png won't load. you can remove it from /Applications / /Contents /PlugIns /sshfs.mfplugin /Contents /Resources / and MacFusion will work. Or recompile from sshnodelay.c
MacGiro 6.0.6 OK.png Tried with MacGiro lite 6.0.6
MacGourmet 2.4.1 OK.png (No comment)
MacGourmet Deluxe 1.2.1 WARNING.png Some issues with Services menu. See
MacGPS Pro 8.4 OK.png
MacJanitor 1.3 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
MacJournal 5.1.4 OK.png (No comment)
MacKeeper 0.9.8 OK.png Works perfectly. Does mac file recovery and lots of other cool things.
MacKeyHoleTV OK.png
MacMassMailer 3.3 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
MacOSaix 2.1 OK.png -
MacOSXLinPro 2.0.5 UNKNOWN.png
MacPAR deLuxe 3.8 OK.png (No comment)
MacPilot 3.3.6 OK.png Works Perfect. Plus Snow Leopard Specific Fetures
MacPorts 1.8.0 OK.png compatibility varies from port to port
MacPython 2.5 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Macromedia FreeHand MX 11.0.2 WARNING.png Problems after a fresh install, need to copy the registration file from a registered version. Seems there are problems with registration process. After this workaround seems work flawlessly. Adobe have released a fix.
Macromedia Flash Professional 8.0 OK.png
MacSaber 1.1 UNKNOWN.png
MacSolitaire 1.6 UNKNOWN.png
MacSpeech Dictate 1.5.5 OK.png
MacSpeech Dictate Legal 1.5.5 OK.png
MacSpeech Dictate Medical 1.5.5 OK.png
MacSpeech Dictate International 1.5 OK.png
MacSudoku UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
MacTeX 2008 OK.png (No comment)
MacTF 2.0b5 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
MacTheRipper 2.6.6 OK.png Works great
MacTracker 5.0.9 OK.png Works fine
MacTuneUp 3.5 NO.png Will not launch. Incompatible Operating system error message. Developer claims a major rewrite is needed and will not offer a timeline for an update.
MacUpdate Desktop 4.2.4 UNKNOWN.png
MacVim Snapshot 49 OK.png Works fine with disabled ATSUI Renderer
Magic Number Machine 1.0.30 UNKNOWN.png
magick-installer OK.png
MagicWrap NO.png "execution error: Terminal got an error: Can’t set settings"tractari auto
MagTool 0.1.0 OK.png
Magnifique 2.1 NO.png (No comment)
MagiCal 1.1r1 WARNING.png Seems to be running really slowly, and the 'i' button used to access settings is not working. There is a now an easy show date option in snow leopard date and time prefs anyway.
MagiCal 1.1r2 OK.png
MagicEngine 1.1.3 OK.png No issues
Mail 4.2 UNKNOWN.png part of OS X
MailAppetizer 1.3 b1 NO.png new version expected 3rd wk Sept
Mail Act-On 2.1.3 OK.png Mail add-on
Mail Attachments Iconizer 2.1.5 OK.png
Mail Badger 0.4 NO.png
Mail Factory any NO.png There is a successor Labels & Addresses which is compatible with Snow Leopard
MailForge 1.2 OK.png
MailFX Pro 1.2 NO.png (No comment)
Mailplane 2.0.13+/2.1-beta OK.png
Mail Steward 8.2.5 OK.png Seems to be working fine
Mailtags 2.3 NO.png New version of MailTags is scheduled to be released next week after Snow Leopard is released that will work on Leopard and Snow Leopard.
MainMenu 2.0.0 OK.png
Maintenance 1.3.3 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-07-27)
Maintenance 1.3.4 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-09-23)
Mame OS X 0.124 OK.png
MAMP 1.8.2 OK.png
MAMP Pro 1.8.2 OK.png
ManOpen 2.5.1 WARNING.png Requires Rosetta
ManyCam 1.0.30 NO.png
Maple 11 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Maple 12 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Maple 13 OK.png Starts fine, works with my existing maple files. MapleSim is still untested.
Marc Liyanage PHP 5.3.0-3 NO.png
MarcoPolo 2.5 WARNING.png Possible problems recognizing WiFi networks and bluetooth status. See
Marine Aquarium 2.6 NO.png 32-bit screen savers aren't compatible
MarsEdit 2.3.3 OK.png
MassReplaceIt 2.9.1 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
MassTransit Managed File Transfer WARNING.png Web client requires Rosetta with updates to components starting later this month. More info:
Master of My Domain 1.7.3 OK.png
Mathematica 7.0.1 WARNING.png There seem to be some Java issues. They show up in the console at runtime on an 'updated' system, and sometimes seem to make the kernel not respond.
MathMagic 6.7 OK.png
MathType 6.0a OK.png
MATLAB R2008a OK.png Tested quickly. Seems to work (at least GUI)
MATLAB R2008b OK.png Improved OpenGL performance. Have some java error messages but seems okay. Scripts run, c-mex compiled okay.
MATLAB R2009a WARNING.png Launching in terminal fails. Clicking to launch works for the minor things I tested. Possibly a 32-bit or Java 1.5 issue
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2008, 2009 OK.png Free update at
Max/MSP/Jitter OK.png Should work acc. to reports of beta-user
MaxMenus 1.5.1 OK.png LiteSwitch works also
Max 0.9.1 OK.png "Formats preference pane works correctly on Snow Leopard"
McAfee Security for Mac 1.0 NO.png
MD5 2.6 OK.png
Medialink 1.72 WARNING.png app run fine but in 32Bits mode but while streaming to PS3 in crash the mac after 30min and need hard reboot but work fine on photos and music
Medialink 2.0 Alpha OK.png Supports 64 bit mode
Meerkat 1.2.2 OK.png
Mellel 2.7 OK.png Versions before 2.6.2 may corrupt your data.
Melody Player 6.1.3c OK.png Playback worked
MemoryMiner 1.86 OK.png Works fine.
Memory Monitor 1.2.6 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2006-08-28)
Mendeley Desktop UNKNOWN.png
MenuCalendarClock iCal 3.1.8 WARNING.png graphics choppy, sometimes takes multiple clicks
MenuCalendarClock iCal 4.1.1 (free) OK.png
MenuMeters 1.3 NO.png prefpane does not load. Public beta w/ fixes due out shortly after OSX 10.6 public release.
MenuMeters 1.4b1 OK.png New Public beta w/ fixes out for Snow Leopard
MenuMeters 1.4b4 OK.png (No comment / 2009-11-15)
Merlin 2.7.2 OK.png
MetaX 2.4.6 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Meteora Saver.slideSaver 1.5 OK.png (No comment / 2010-03-01)
Backup for Mac's
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
Microcapture 1.0 NO.png Crashes if VMS-004 USB Microscope is attached.
Microsoft Expression Media 2.0.2 OK.png
Microsoft Messenger 7.0.2 OK.png
Microsoft Mouse 7.0 OK.png
Microsoft Mouse Netbook 5000 OK.png If it does not work at the first attempt, remove the bluetooth device, pair the device with another laptop or desktop (with any OS) and then re-pair the device with your Snow Leopard.
Microsoft Office 2004 OK.png Rosetta. May need to use Font Book to remove duplicate fonts to avoid hang on Optimizing Font menu.. May also need to use Font Book to Verify all fonts and delete those with errors (both warnings and do-not-use errors.
Microsoft Office 2008 OK.png Rosetta for Installer, One user reports that "every app is terribly slow to start and lags afterwards. Its unacceptably slow!" (supposedly much better with SP1). Another reader found WORD to be very slow to open and sluggish in use but Excel opens smartly and worked as expected.
Microsoft Office X OK.png Rosetta; Word: Print ok; Excel ok
Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) 2.0.0 (080530) OK.png works fine
Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) 2.01 OK.png
Middleware 3.5.1 OK.png read online instructions , helpdesk available!
MIDI to MP3 Converter 6.1 OK.png Running fine
Migration Assistant 3.0 UNKNOWN.png Mac OS X Utility
MiLife 1.4 OK.png
Mindjet MindManager 6.0.602 NO.png See version 7 notes below.
Mindjet MindManager 7.0538 OK.png Now SL compatible
Mindnode (Pro) 1.4 OK.png Only one minor issue when using automatic hyperlink detection in MindNode Pro.
Minefield UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Mirage 1.1 NO.png New version will be out once dev gets snow leopard
Miredo 1.0.6;O=D WARNING.png pref pane loads in 32-bit mode
Miro 2.5.2 OK.png (No comment)
MisFox 2.0c WARNING.png pref pane loads in 32-bit mode
Mishito.saver 1.2 OK.png (No comment / 2009-11-17)
Missing Sync for Palm (Sony Clie 6.0.4 OK.png Apple's support page says that it will be sequestered. It was not and it seems to work.
Missing Sync for Palm (Sony Clie 6.0.5b OK.png Beta version. It seems to work.
MKVToolNix 2.30 UNKNOWN.png Needs testing
Mocha for After Effects CS4 CS4 (1.2.2) WARNING.png
Money 3.4.1 OK.png some mix up whit display lang. Fix promised from Dev.
Moneydance 2008 OK.png load, edit, save all work fine
MoneyWell 1.4.12 (262) OK.png Developer posted on his website full compatibility.
MonitorTest 3.0.2 UNKNOWN.png
Monolingual 1.4.0 WARNING.png Problems with default languages under Snow Leopard. Fixed in 1.4.1.
Monolingual 1.4.1 OK.png Added Snow Leopard compatibility
Moody 1.0.5 UNKNOWN.png dezmembrari auto
MoofMenu 1.7 OK.png
MOOS Project Viewer 0.3 OK.png
MountWatcher 2.0 OK.png works fine
Mouseposé 3.1 OK.png Mouseposé 3.1 has been tested for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard compatibility. No issues have been found.
Mouse Locator 1.1 OK.png Works. Prefs panel is 32-bit
Mouse Locator 1.1 WARNING.png Works on my 2009 Mac Mini C2D, but not on my 2009 C2D MBP, despite removal and re-installation per troubleshooting page (iactivate button refuses to remain checked in pref pane), so may depend on computer. 32-bit
Move Items X 1.6.1 NO.png No longer works appears in Finder menus because Snow Leopard drops support for Context Menu extensions. Author will need to rewrite as an "Enhanced Service". Email from author - he's working on an update.
Movist 0.6.4 WARNING.png Apple Remote controls Movist and Front Row / iTunes / Volume simultaneously.
MozoDojo 2.4.1 OK.png -
Mozy 1.4 [[]] OK.png
MP3 Trimmer 2.9.3 UNKNOWN.png Author will upgrade app if problems surface.
MPEGStreamclip 1.9.3b2 OK.png (No comment)
MPFreaker 1.8.3 OK.png
MPlayer OS X 2 2.0b9r5 UNKNOWN.png
Mplayer OSX Extended rev11 OK.png
MP Navigator EX 1.0.4 OK.png Works with updated IJ Network driver released 9/4/09
MP Navigator EX 2.0 UNKNOWN.png May work with updated IJ Network Driver released 9/4/09
MsgFiler 2.0.5 OK.png
MT-NewsWatcher 3.5.2 OK.png 32 Bit app
muCommander 0.8.3 OK.png but ver. 0.8.4 doesn't work
MultiClutch 1.0 WARNING.png Needs to be re-installed after upgrade. Only works with 32-bit apps, or apps running in 32-bit mode
Multiplex 1.1 UNKNOWN.png
MultiSpecUniv 3.3 UNKNOWN.png (Seems OK / 2010-06-28)
Multiwinia 1.3.0 OK.png
Mumble 1.1.8 WARNING.png Official 1.1.8 is broken, however a community snapshot of 4ed8d8 available here works.
musicMeDownloader 1.12 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-01-31)
Musorg 0.3 UNKNOWN.png
My Living Desktop 4.0.3 [] NO.png Update is in the works
myBlogEdit 1.6 [] OK.png
myDocuments 2.3 [] OK.png
myMacTime 1.4.6 OK.png 64-bit
myManuals 1.6 [] OK.png
myphotobook 3.6 OK.png Rosetta
myRecipes 2.4 [] OK.png
MySQL 5.1.37 OK.png Required re-linking /usr/local/mysql/ with correct directory
MySQL Workbench 5.1.18 [] OK.png Latest version has been patched to work in Snow Leopard. Alpha version 5.2.3a (reportedly coming soon) will also include the fix
myTexts 1.8 [] OK.png
myTracks 2.0 OK.png works great
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
Nambu WARNING.png Working around a bug may require attention to the ~/Library/Application Support area for Nambu. The new account pane is blurry.
NameChanger 2.2.2 OK.png Appears to work. Note that it is 32-bit only.
Name Mangler 2.0 (2013) OK.png Runs slowly, seems to ignore first letter of filename if you try and select entire word (will let you change the first character of a filename, but not the entire first word) and once it's eventually tried to rename it gives sporadic zero changes to filename - apparently none of this was an issue prior to Snow Leopard as I'd have gone mad if it were. TIP: Deactivate the option "Show icon previews for image files" under preferences. It should run normally fast.
NanoCount 2.0 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Navicat for MySQL 8.1.4 OK.png Latest version works with Snow Leopard.
NEC SpectraView Profiler 4.1.14 OK.png Validation not working, will be fixed in 4.1.15
N.E.D. 3.1.5 UNKNOWN.png
NeoOffice 3.0 Patch 7 OK.png development plans for second half of 2009
Nestopia 1.41 OK.png No issues
Net Monitor 4.5 OK.png Works fine (10A432)
Netextender NO.png cannot open VPN connection. You can setuid /usr/sbin/pppd to root to work around but this is not secure.
NetBarrier Monitor (See Intego NetBarrier) 10.5.5 OK.png
NetBeans 6.7.1 OK.png
NetCheck 1.7 OK.png works fine
NetFinder 3.1.1 OK.png Appears to work. QuickLook feature not functioning.
NetNewsWire 3.2.1 OK.png
NetNewsWire 4.0 OK.png NetNewsWire 4.0 requires Leopard
Network Utility 1.4.6 UNKNOWN.png Mac OS X Utility
Neverball 1.5.3 UNKNOWN.png
News Anchor 1.1.1 OK.png Works fine
NewsFire 1.6 OK.png
Nexuiz 2.5.1 OK.png Works OK, significant slowdown in (AGL) due to SL regressions; works better.
Nicecast 1.9.8 OK.png Instant Hijack now works in 2.9.3 (for apps running in 32-bit mode).
NicePlayer 0.96.2 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Nik Software Color Efex Pro Plugin 3.0 NO.png Interface is too large, some strings are not displayed properly
Nik Software Dfine Plugin 2.0 OK.png
Nik Software Sharpener Pro Plugin 3.0 OK.png
Nik Software Silver Efex Pro Plugin 1.0 OK.png
Nik Software Viveza Aperture Plugin 1.0 OK.png
Nikon Scan 4 WARNING.png May need to re-install software after upgrade to snow leopard otherwise Nikon Scan 4 just crashes on launch - Re-installing cured the problem
Nikon Software NO.png Several serious issues have occurred in ViewNX, Capture NX2 and CCP2. Nikon is working on it and advises not to upgrade: Nikon
Nikon Transfer 1.4.0 OK.png Works fine for most. Have not tested 1.5.0 yet
Nikon Transfer EN 1.5.0 OK.png Nikon Transfer ENGLISH (150MF-NSAEN) clean install or update work ;)
Nikon Transfer FR 1.5.0 OK.png Nikon Transfer FRENCH (150MF-EURFR) clean install or update work ;)
Nisus Writer Express 3.3.1 OK.png
Nisus Writer Pro 1.4 OK.png
Nisus Thesaurus 1.0.7 OK.png
Nocturne 1.0.4 OK.png Works
NodeToad OK.png Version 2.2 works
Nokia Multimedia Transfer 1.4.1 WARNING.png No longer auto imports images from cameraphone to iPhoto. Auto opens iPhoto when cameraphone is connected but cameraphone is not shown in the albums list and will not import images
NoobProof 1.4 UNKNOWN.png
Norrkross MorphX 2.9.5 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Norrkross Movie 1.2.2 UNKNOWN.png
Norton Anti-Virus 11.0.3 OK.png NAV update 11.0.3 released via LiveUpdate. Appears to be in working order now.
Norton Internet Security 4.0 OK.png 11.0.3 released via LiveUpdate. Everything appears to be in working order.
NoteBook 3.0 (v360) OK.png
NoteTaker 2.3.1 WARNING.png Minor display bugs (popup menus in toolbar blank when not clicked on)
Notify 1.0.5 OK.png
NovaMind 4.7.4 OK.png Version 4.7.4 fixes various 10.6-related issues
Novatel Ovation USB MC727 3.0.2 OK.png
Novatel Ovation USB MC930D 3.0.2 NO.png Device not detected in Network Preference Panel
Novell GroupWise 7.0 SP3 (7.0.3) HP3 OK.png Snow Leopard not officially supported but it works. See
Novell GroupWise 8.0 SP1 (8.0.1) OK.png Snow Leopard not officially supported but it works. See
Novell NetWare 6.5 SP8 (6.5.8) WARNING.png Snow Leopard unable to mount volumes hosted on NetWare servers via AFP, use CIFS/SMB instead. Novell patch available from
Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES) 2 SP1 (2.0.1) WARNING.png Snow Leopard unable to mount volumes hosted on OES2 SP1 servers via AFP, use CIFS/SMB instead. Novell patch available from
Now X 10.0.1 OK.png "Updated QuickContact and QuickDay menus to make them compatible with Snow Leopard."
NTFS-3G 0.9.8 OK.png "It only works in 32 bit mode"
NumberKey Connect 2.0.1 OK.png
NX Client for OSX 3.3.0-7 OK.png Works with Rosetta after release of new version Release: 3.3.0-7. Previous versions crashed
NZB Drop 1.1 OK.png

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