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Below is a list of applications and their compatibility status with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, the most recent operating system from Apple. Please collaborate by sharing your experiences using each application and by adding applications not already listed. Note: due to abuses, registration is now required to edit the list. Thanks for your cooperation.

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Update: There are now four categories: UNKNOWN UNKNOWN.png is for apps that are untested, OK OK.png for apps that work fine, NO NO.png for apps that do not work, and WARNING WARNING.png for those with some problems.

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Please note: This is a text based editing system. To add information, be prepared ahead of time by having your data ready to paste in (open TextEdit, copy everything from the first || , to the last || , then replace the placeholders with the information needed.), using the following format :

|| Application Name || Version || Website URL || [[image {OK/NO/UNKNOWN/WARNING}.png]] || Notes (Comments) ||

When you have replaced the placeholders with your info, and choose OK, NO, UNKNOWN, or WARNING to set the correct graphic icon. Paste the edited text into its corresponding alphabetical place in the text list. Do not add it into the code above, it doesn't work that way : )

Please also note that editing anything besides application compatibility data (i.e. ads) will get you banned. Thanks. -admin

For information about potential printing issues on Snow Leopard, see printing-issues

Java Note: After Snow Leopard installation, only Java SE 6 remains and is used for all Java applications and applets; previous Java versions (which were present in Leopard and Tiger) are gone. This may cause issues with Java apps/applets that don't work correctly with Java SE 6: these will need to be updated to work with Snow Leopard.

Application Name Version URL Status Notes
ObscureMovement.saver 1.0.1 OK.png (No comment / 2009-09-18)
OfficeTime 1.5 OK.png Earlier versions are glitchy with 10.6, upgrade to 1.5
Ofoto Express 1.0.1 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
OmegaT 2.0.4b OK.png Works great except for a minor font issue.
OmniDazzle 1.1.1 OK.png
OmniDiskSweeper 1.7.1 OK.png
OmniFocus 1.7.3 OK.png
OmniGraffle 5.2 OK.png
OmniGraffle 4.2.2 OK.png
OmniGraphSketcher 1.0.1 OK.png
OmniOutliner 3.9.2 OK.png
OmniPage SE 10.1.0 OK.png
OmniPlan 1.6.3 OK.png
Omnis Studio 4.2 OK.png
Omnis Studio 4.3 OK.png
Omnis Studio 5.0 OK.png
OmniWeb 5.10.1 OK.png
On The Job 3.0.2 OK.png
OneSwarm 0.6.5 NO.png starts but won't connect to any friends
OnMyCommand 2.1 WARNING.png Needs new contextual menu mechanism:
OnyX 2.0.5 NO.png Tells you this version will not load under Snow Leopard, requires update
OnyX 2.1.1 OK.png Works great
OnyX 2.1.6 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-06-27)
OnyX 2.1.7 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-08-08)
OnyX 2.1.9 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-10-13)
Oolite 1.73 OK.png Works fine so far
ooVoo 2.1 NO.png won't even launch
ooVoo 2.2 OK.png they fixed it
Open XML Converter 1.1.1 UNKNOWN.png
OpenDNS Updater 2.7 OK.png 3.1.1 OK.png 3.2.1 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-05-20)
OpenProj 1.4 OK.png Notes (Comments)
Opera 9.72 OK.png
Opera 10 WARNING.png Works, but loading pages often takes a long time. Possibly a problem at networking layer.
Opera 10.10 OK.png Improved navigation Works fine on for Mac OS X, and 10.6.2 in 32 bit
Oracle Calendar OK.png (No comment)
Oracle SQL Developer 1.5.5 UNKNOWN.png ?
Orbiter 1.2.5 OK.png Works flawlessly on Snow Leopard - 32-bit
Overflow 2.5.6 OK.png
oXygen 9.3 WARNING.png only build number 2009090109 is compatible
oXygen 10.3+ OK.png
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
Pac The Man X 1.1.2 WARNING.png Stays in center of screen
Pacifist 2.6.3 OK.png (No comment)
Pacifist 2.6.4 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-01-24)
PagePacker UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Pagico WARNING.png "Pagico will be compatible with the upcoming Snow Leopard…we will not provide support or update for the new system until it’s officially released."
Paintbrush 2.0.1 OK.png (No comment / 2009-06-21)
Painter's Picker 2.2 WARNING.png will work in 32-bit applications, not 64-bit, which means not in applications that come with the OS
Painter 10 and 11 OK.png Haven't tested extensively, but both X and 11 seem fine.
Palette 1.2 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-06-08)
Palm Desktop 4.2.1 Rev A OK.png Also the related sync help programs work (HotSync Manager, Conduit Manager, Transport Monitor). Rosetta required.
Palm Desktop 4.2.2 OK.png With OS X 10.6.5
PandoraJam! 1.4 (build 290) OK.png
Pandora One 2.0.0 OK.png No problems
Panorama 5.5 WARNING.png Loses Finder icons
Pantone Huey Pro 1.5.1 OK.png If Desktop Picture is set to automatically rotate, Huey Pro calibration will cause it to shuffle more frequently (only during final steps)
Paparazzi! 0.5b6 OK.png (No comment)
Papaya 1.3.2 OK.png (No comment)
Paperless 1.0 NO.png Major Issues. Crashes when document viewer is closed
Papers 1.9.1 NO.png Database cleanup fails; prevents program from working thereafter. Upgrade to 1.9.2 first!
Papers 1.9.3 OK.png
Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X 7.0 NO.png
Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X 7.0.3 OK.png 7.0.3 is Snow Leopard compatible.
Parallels 3.0 NO.png Does not work in 3.0
Parallels 4.0 OK.png build 4.0.3846 adds support for Snow Leopard, both as a host and guest OS. With 32-bit and 64 Bit !!!!!!kernel SL.
Parallels 5.0 OK.png All OK!
Parallels Desktop 5.0 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-07-22)
Pastor 1.75 OK.png Saved files need to be set to open with pastor
Password Gorilla 1.4.3 NO.png Launches but does not display any windows. The author is working on a new version.
Password Gorilla 1.4.4b OK.png Now works for everything but some keyboard shortcuts.
PasswordSafeSWT 0.6 WARNING.png Dialog box to edit individual entries does not display contents properly until you click into the boxes.
Path Finder 4.8.5 NO.png Crashes on startup; CocoaTech stopped updating PF4 when 5 came out; Buy PathFinder 5 for SL compatibility.
Path Finder 5.1.4 OK.png Some minor problems, like "Show in Finder" not always working.
Path Finder 5.1.7 OK.png (No comment)
Pathway 1.0.7 UNKNOWN.png
PCalc 3.5 OK.png
PDFClerk Pro 3.9.2 OK.png
PDFKey Pro 3.8 OK.png (No comment)
PDFLab 2.0.3r2 WARNING.png Must use "Open with Rosetta" in Get Info window
PDFPen 3.5.2/4.x OK.png 3.5.2 or later is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6
Peak Pro 6 6.1.1 OK.png
PeerGuardian 1.5.1 NO.png It will appear to allow install, but will not setup default block lists, nor will PG helper program run in the top bar
PeerGuardian 1.6b1 OK.png runs in 64-bit mode (in both 32-bit and 64-bit kernel modes)
Perian 1.1.4 WARNING.png QuickTimeX requires filetype registration by NicePlayer or this app. AC3 audio problems, other small issues.
Perian 1.2.1 OK.png (No comment / 2010-03-16)
Periscope 1.5.4 OK.png
Permissions Reset 1.0 OK.png
PersonalBrain 5 OK.png Works well.
PGP Desktop 10.0 OK.png BETA available for download here:
PGP Shredder UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
PGP Whole Disk Encryption 10.0 OK.png BETA available for download here:
Phocus (by Hasselblad) 1.2.1 OK.png Works on 8-core MacPro 2009
PhoneAgent 1.6 OK.png
PhoneDirector 1.4 OK.png
PhoneDisk 1.326 OK.png (No comment / 2010-08-10)
PhoneDisk 1.625 OK.png (No comment / 2010-09-15)
PhoneDisk 1.673 OK.png (No comment / 2010-09-27)
PhoneValet 5 WARNING.png Paid upgrade to v6 may support SL
Photo Booth 3.0.1 UNKNOWN.png part of OS X
PhotoInfoEditor 1.2 UNKNOWN.png
PhotoLine 15.5 OK.png
PhotoLinker 2.0.4 OK.png
Photomatix Pro 3.0 OK.png (No comment)
PhotoRescue 3.1.12 (Build 12057) UNKNOWN.png
PhotoStitch NO.png Available from CD provided with a Canon digital camera. No updates on website, apparently.
Picard 0.11 UNKNOWN.png MusicBrainz tagger
Picturesque 2.1.7 OK.png
Pirates of the Caribbean Online pcsv1.0.19.9 OK.png
Pixadex 2.0.2 OK.png (No comment)
Pixelmator 1.4.1 OK.png Some graphical glitches involving gradients and brushes. To be fixed in v1.5
Pixologic Zbrush 3.12, 3.12B, 3.2 OK.png
PKI client for eToken authentication devices all up to and including 5.x NO.png Snow Leopard compatible version scheduled for Q2 2010. Aladdin has merged with Safenet: More on the forum here
Plaxo Build 957 WARNING.png Now able to mostly work if you run Mail and Address Book in 32-bit mode.
Play 0.3 OK.png Works like a charm!
Playwatch 1.2.1 NO.png Crash in Preferences. Version 1.2.2 will be available on September, 4th 2009
Plex 0.8.3 OK.png Apple Remote issues fixed with Candelair. Still some strange visual errors with GMA X3100 though Plex is fully usable now.
PlistEdit Pro 1.4.2 OK.png
PlugSuit 1.5.7 NO.png According to developer's Twitter feed (millenomi), PlugSuit can be modified to work with 10.6 but won't be out until late Sept at earliest. PlugSuit 1.5 and later requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later, but is not supported by Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard”. With Snow Leopard, you get repeated demands to use system password. Can be installed in SL and then disabled, but there is no point.
Pluto menubar 5.3 [] OK.png
Pocket Quicken 2.5.1 OK.png With OS X 10.6.5
PocketMac| Sync Manager 1.2 OK.png
Podcast Capture 2.0.1 UNKNOWN.png Mac OS X Utility
Poedit 1.4.2 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
PokerStars Mac Client WARNING.png Installed OK. Updater showed failed, but actually did update. Client very usable. Minor graphical issues in some windows.
Port Map 1.3.1 UNKNOWN.png
Posterino 1.6 OK.png
PowerCADD 6.2.1 OK.png Works under Rosetta
PowerCADD 8 OK.png
PowerTunes 1.1.1 OK.png
PPP-PAM 0.2 OK.png Developer tools required. See for more
Pref Setter 2.0 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Preferential Treatment 1.1.8 UNKNOWN.png
Preview 5.0.1 OK.png part of OS X
Prey 0.3 OK.png
Printfolio 1.5.1 OK.png
PrintSprint 1.3 OK.png Version 1.3 supports 10.6 and includes 64 bit support as well as new features.
Prism 1.0b1 OK.png
Prism (GraphPad) 5.0b WARNING.png If you care about you graphs do not upgrade to snow leopard: patterns in graphic bars are not displayed properly, send to powerpoint does not work, blacks become greys when exported to pdf and a full hand-full of bugs. Full list in You will have to wait until Prism 5.0c is out to see these problems solved.
Processing 1.06 WARNING.png Movie Library won't work since QTJava is deprecated with 10.6
ProfCast 2.6.2 OK.png Free update from
Proloquo 2.0.2 OK.png previous versions are not compatible
ProPresenter 3.5.3 OK.png
ProtectMac AntiVirus 1.1.1 OK.png
Protector Suite 1.2 NO.png the app will run but won't scan fingers
Proteus X 4.2.1 UNKNOWN.png Test with MSN account so far and appears to be working, need others to test other capabilities
ProVideoPlayer 1.2.7 OK.png
PS3 Media Server 1.10.5 OK.png May need to set Interface (en0,en1,etc.) manually.
PTHPasteboard 4.4.1 WARNING.png Popup message says that older versions don't work, and only Pro version compatible. If you disable the "automatic update checks" the popup will go away and the older version seems to work fine.
Pukka 1.8.2 OK.png
PullTab 1.3 NO.png requires APE (which is not 10.6 compatible) and PullTab was EOL'd by developer in 2007-Oct, so if it doesn't work, no update will happen
pureFTPd Manager 1.7 NO.png Fails to start the FTP server, although the app opens
PYM Player 4.0.0 OK.png Works. Update Mac OS X to 10.6.2 or later for Apple Remote support.
PyTivo OK.png version 1.3 works fine
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
Qgis 3.3 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-07-29)
Quake Live OK.png (No comment)
Quake Wars: Enemy Territory 1.5 OK.png Seems to play without any problems
QuarkXPress 6.52 WARNING.png Seems to work just fine; but newly activated fonts don't show up until I restart.
QuarkXPress 7.5 OK.png After deleting preferences works fine. Still, QXP7 is not officially supported.
QuarkXPress 8.1 OK.png Officially supported by Quark, see
Quantrix Modeler 3.5 OK.png Standard Edition tested
Quay 1.1.2 OK.png
QuickBooks 2007 NO.png "There are currently no plans to update QuickBooks for Mac 2007 for compatibility."
QuickBooks 2009 OK.png R8.2 patch for Snow Leopard
Quickbooks 2009 10.0.7r8 OK.png No issues
QuickBooks 2010 OK.png "Mac OS X v10.5.7, 10.6, or later"
Quicken 2005 OK.png Works Under Rosetta
Quicken 2006 OK.png Works Under Rosetta
Quicken 2007 WARNING.png Intuit says that it will run under Rosetta (confirmed); Financial Institution list may not update
Quicken 2007 16.0.1r2 OK.png Requires Rosetta
QuicKeys 4.0.4 OK.png Version 4.0.4 released for Snow Leopard.
QuickPwn 2.2.5 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
QuickScale 3.8.2 OK.png No known issues
Quick Search Box 2.0.0 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2009-06-08)
Quicksilver b56a7 OK.png b56a7 reported to work perfectly, though the "Services Menu Module" Plugin causes Quicksilver to crash on launch. You can delete/move "Services Menu Module.qsplugin" from "~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/PlugIns" to temporarily fix the issue. Other plugins may cause a similar crash, including the "Airport Module" plug-in. If you use Spaces and "Show Icon in Dock" is unchecked in preferences, when you invoke Quicksilver, it will only open in the Space that it was started in. Workaround is to have "Show Icon in Dock" checked, which is a bit annoying either way. Airport module crashes/doesn't work.
Quick Time Player 7 7.6.3 OK.png
Quick Time Player 10.0 UNKNOWN.png part of OS X
Quinn 3.5.6 OK.png

Application Name Version URL Status Notes
RadioLover 1.6 (build 420) OK.png
radioSHARK 2.0.2 OK.png Tested with original radioSHARK (white unit)
R-Name 3 OK.png (No comment)
RAGE MapDesign 1.2.2 OK.png
RagTime Solo 5.6.6 OK.png
RAID Utility 1.1 UNKNOWN.png Mac OS X Utility
Railroad Tycoon 3 1.0.4 OK.png Seems to be working fine in 10.6.1 (Mac Pro, GeForce 8800GT)
RapidWeaver 4.3 OK.png RapidWeaver 4.3 released on 10th Sep 2009, no longer RC software. Fully compatible according to website. No probs for me so far. All Good!
Rapidoserial 2.11 WARNING.png Can't be installed with the normal installer. Use Pacifist to install. The app runs fine.
RAR Expander 0.8.5b3 OK.png (No comment)
Ratiocinator 2.2.0 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2008-06-15)
RationalPlan 3.15.7 OK.png
Raw Photo Processor 3.9.7 UNKNOWN.png
RazerDeathAdder 1.0.1 OK.png Nothing to say…!
Rbrowser OK.png Previous versions would unexpectedly quit upon selecting FTP mode. Current works fine!
RCDefaultApp 2.1 WARNING.png (Return to the original system definitions does not work for all types, unfortunately / 2009-09-15)
Readerware 2.984 OK.png Haven't tried scanning, but database works fine.
Reader Notifier 1.10 OK.png Notes Here's the URL to download the fixed version you may have to delete prefs and keychain entry
Ready, Set, Go! 7.7.8b10 OK.png Beta has improved Snow Leo support
REALbasic 2009 3.0.0 OK.png
RealDiskBrowser 1.3.5 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-01-04)
RealEncrypt 1.1.0 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-01-19)
Real Player 11.0 OK.png
RealPlayer 12.0.0 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-08-05)
RealPlayer Converter 1.0 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-08-05)
RealPlayer Downloader 12.0.0 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-08-03)
RealSync 1.0.8 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-03-03)
RealVNC 4.5.2 OK.png A new release (4.5.2) adds support for Snow Leopard
Reason 4.01 OK.png
Record 1.0 OK.png The Record installer reports a non-existing problem after installation, but the program works fine
Recover PDF Password 2.1 OK.png
ReCycle 2.1.2 OK.png Runs in Rosetta
Red Alert 3 OK.png Both games run fine
ReelBean 4.3.2 UNKNOWN.png
Reference Miner 3.1.2 UNKNOWN.png
Reference Tracker 1.4 OK.png
rEFIt 0.13 OK.png
Remote Buddy 1.14.1 OK.png
Remote Install Mac OS X 1.1.1 UNKNOWN.png Mac OS X Utility
Remote Tap 3.3 OK.png Update Released
Renoise 2.1.0 OK.png (No comment)
Resize Me 2.1 OK.png (No comment)
Reunion 9.0b OK.png This further, free, maintenance update was released 13 Oct 2009. (Note: Not a beta, notwithstanding the "b" in the numbering.)
Reveal 1.2 WARNING.png Application seems to work, but looks ugly.
RevolverHD 1.3.1 WARNING.png Application works fine and burns AVCHD DVDs just fine. Snow Leopard does not mount filesystem Disk Images produced by RevolverHD. This appears to be a problem with Snow Leopard. We're looking into it.
Rhino 3D Wenatchee 4.0 2009-08-26 (beta) OK.png
Rideau! 1.1.0 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2005-02-02)
RipIt 1.2.12 OK.png (No comment)
River 1.7 OK.png Perfect
Roadmovie 1.8.5 OK.png
Garmin RoadTrip 2.0.2 WARNING.png Will not update GPS with routes or waypoints created in RoadTrip
Rondo 2009r2 OK.png 2009r2 fixes an audio problem and now works perfectly with Snow leopard
rooSwitch 1.5 OK.png
Rosetta Stone OK.png
Rulers 2.9 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
R 2.9.2 OK.png
RSA SecurID® Software Token 4.0 OK.png Seems okay
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
SABnzbd+ 0.4.11 OK.png
Safari 4.0.4 OK.png part of OS X. Works great in 10.6.2. If there is something to be warned about, please indicate which website doesn't work, and use Safari menu -> Report Bugs to Apple.
Safari AdBlock 0.4.0 RC3 WARNING.png Like all InputManagers, needs Safari to be in 32-bit mode to work. Supposedly, InputManagers aren't allowed to inject code into 64-bit apps.
SafariBlock 2.2R1 NO.png
Safari Cookies 0.8 WARNING.png needs Safari to be in 32-bit mode to work
SafariStand 4.0SL169 WARNING.png Like all InputManagers, needs Safari to be in 32-bit mode to work. Supposedly, InputManagers aren't allowed to inject code into 64-bit apps.
Safe Eyes 3.4 WARNING.png need to uninstall Safe Eyes BEFORE upgrading OS, then reinstall (see
Saft 11.0.3 (3815) WARNING.png works in 32bit (Safari) Mode (edit with PrefsSetter -
Saft 12.0.1 (8018) OK.png works in 64bit (Safari) Mode as a Safari launcher or as a SIMBL plugin (Require SIMBL-0.9.6c or higher). Works in 32bit (Safari) mode as an input manager
Saldomat 1.2.4 OK.png
Sandvox 1.6.4 OK.png
Sapiens 1.1 WARNING.png The search feature is broken, they are working on a bug fix.
SarbaCalc 2.3 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2009-02-19)
SarbaMorse 1.1 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2004-04-08)
Sawmill 8.1.0 OK.png "We've installed Snow Leopard, and have not seen any issues as of yet."
ScanSnap Manager 2.2 L12 Snow Leopard Support OK.png For S300M, S500M, S510M. Requires existing ScanSnap installation.
ScanSnap Manager 3.0 L20 Snow Leopard Support OK.png For S1500M. Requires existing ScanSnap installation.
ScanWise X 2.1fc2 NO.png On launch it says "Cannot find current ColorSync system profile." Does anyone have an idea how to work around this?
Schoolhouse 2.2 OK.png (No comment)
Schreiben 5.3 OK.png (No comment)
ScopeDriver 3.2 OK.png Fully compatible.
Scorch Plugin 6 WARNING.png Needs 32-bit Safari More info
SCPlugin 0.7.3 NO.png
Scrabbleubleu 3.3 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-01-09)
Screenflick 1.6.12 OK.png
Screenflow 1.5.x WARNING.png cut and paste from and to Textbox not working
ScreenFlow 2.1.3 OK.png
ScreenRecycler 1.34 WARNING.png You should avoid 16bit Modes as Snowleopard has sleep problems when one Monitor is in 16bit
ScreenShade 1.3 OK.png (No comment)
ScreenSteps 2.6.1 OK.png (No comment)
Scribus UNKNOWN.png
Scriptographer 2.5 OK.png
Scrivener 1.51 OK.png
ScummVM 0.13.1 OK.png
Seashore 0.1.9 OK.png
Second Life 1.23.4 OK.png Have not used voice with others, but it worked for speaking.
SecureFiles 1.1.2 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2007-07-01)
SecuritySpy 1.x/2.x OK.png Video security app/server
SeisMac 2.0 OK.png
SeisMaCalibrate 1.4 OK.png
Senuti 1.1.5 OK.png (No comment)
Sente 5.7.12 UNKNOWN.png
Sequel Pro OK.png (No comment / 2010-08-01)
Sequential 2.1.2 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-01-22)
Serato Scratch Live 1.9.1 OK.png Works perfectly- video plugin not yet tested
Server Admin Tools 10.5.x NO.png
Serverskine 1.0.5 OK.png Works perfectly so far
SetEXIFData 2.3 setexifdata.dmg OK.png
Shades 1.2b2 WARNING.png Menu bar slider does not work, System Preferences must be restarted to access preference pane.
shadowClipboard 3.0.5 UNKNOWN.png ?
Shakespeer 0.9.11 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
SharePoints 3.5.4 UNKNOWN.png
SharedPlan Pro 5.4.9 OK.png
Shimo 2.2.1/418 WARNING.png Problem with Cisco related adapters
ShoveBox 1.7.5 OK.png
Shrook 2.72 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Sibelius 6.1 OK.png
Sibelius 3.1.3 NO.png Opens, edits and saves. DOES NOT PLAY. Problems with Apple's sound drivers. No solution available from Sibelius for legacy versions this old.
sidenote 1.7.3 OK.png
Sigma Photo Pro 3.3 NO.png Sigma photo management software starts, but it's buggy and crashes frequently.
SignCut Pro 1.0.0 NO.png Crashes a lot
Silicon Image eSATA drivers v1.1.11 WARNING.png Used by many third party eSATA expresscard products such as apiotek. Works well but ONLY 32-bit mode supported.
Silk 2.14 NO.png last release: Sept 2008
SilverFast DC 6.6.1r2 OK.png dezmembrari auto
SilverFast HDR 6.6.1r2 OK.png (No comment)
SilverFast PrinTao 6.6.1r2 OK.png (No comment)
SilverFast SE & Ai 6.6.1r2 WARNING.png (No comment)
SilverKeeper 2.0.2 OK.png
Silverlight Preferences 4.0 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-05-24)
SIMBL 0.8.2 WARNING.png Running apps in 32-bit mode works for most, but some users reporting SIMBL not loading at all. Developer working on fix.
SimCity 4 Rush Hour 1.1 OK.png (No comment)
Simon 2.5.3 OK.png Fully compatible
Simple Comic 1.7b OK.png
SimpleChord 4.2.2 OK.png
SimpleImage 5.2.2 UNKNOWN.png
SimpleTeX4ht 2.6 OK.png
Simplify Media OK.png
SimplyBurns Rev. 393 NO.png
SimplyBurns Rev. 405 OK.png
SimplyBurns 416 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2009-10-27)
Sims 3.0 OK.png One user reports crashing after a few minutes of play.
SiteSucker 2.2.4 OK.png (No comment)
SiteSucker 2.3.3 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-07-27)
SizeUp 1.2 OK.png Works, but hasn't been recompiled for 64bit
SizzlingKeys 3.3.5 OK.png only works in 32-bit mode
SixtyForce 0.9.2 OK.png
SJPhone 1.60.299 OK.png
skEdit 4.1.2 OK.png (No comment)
Skim 1.2.7 OK.png
Skim 1.3.8 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-08-09)
Skitch 1.0b8.3 (v2473) OK.png
SkyChart 3.64 OK.png last issue: Feb 2004 -was orig an OS 9 app; *still works great w/ Rosetta!* was about to go Quartz-is still available but is 'abandoned'
SkyORB 2.0.5 OK.png (No comment / 2010-07-25)
Skype OK.png
Sleepwatcher 2.0.5 OK.png Appears to work fine.
Slideshow magic 6.0.2 OK.png
Slife 2.5 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
SlimBatteryMonitor 1.4 OK.png No obvious problems
Sling Player OK.png (No comment)
slitechat 1.4.1 UNKNOWN.png
SmartCVS 7.0.9 OK.png
SMART Notebook 10.0.346.2 WARNING.png Crashes every 10 minutes
Smart Reporter 2.4 OK.png
SMARTReporter 2.4.6 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-01-07)
SMARTReporter 2.5.6 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-10-20)
SmartScroll 3.2b1 OK.png (No comment)
SmartSleep 2.4 OK.png 32 and 64-bit
SmartSVN 6.0.3 OK.png
smcFanControl 2.2.2 OK.png
SMS Mac 2.5 OK.png
Smultron 3.5.1 OK.png 32-bit
Snak 5.3.3 OK.png No problems.
SnapScan Manager 2.2L11 WARNING.png Some inconsistencies due to click and hold behavior of 10.6 but scans to folder OK. Accompanying Finereader OCR will not with it and gives error message: The file xxxx.pdf is not created by ScanSnap. FineReader for ScanSnap can only process PDF files created by ScanSnap."
Snapz Pro X 2.2.0 OK.png Updated 8/27/09
Snard v2.5.3 OK.png
Snes9x 1.51 OK.png No issues
SnowChecker 1.0.2 OK.png (No comment / 2009-10-08)
Snow Leopard Cache Cleaner 5.0.0 WARNING.png Replaced by v5.0.1
Snow Leopard Cache Cleaner 5.0.1 OK.png
Snowmen.saver 1.0 OK.png (No comment / 2010-05-28)
SnowTape 1.2.2 OK.png
Sofa Control 2.9.1 OK.png
Solitaire Till Dawn X 1.5 OK.png Requires Rosetta
Solitaire XL 1.1.8 WARNING.png (URL not found when leaving / a16.pngFR loc / 2008-10-07)
Solo Performer Show Controller 4.2 OK.png
SonicFire Pro 5.1.2 OK.png Seems to work
Songbird 1.2.0 OK.png
SongGenie 1.2 OK.png
Sonnet E4P SATA Drivers 2.1.9 OK.png Make sure the card's firmware is also current
Sonos 3.0 OK.png As of version 3.0 Sonos Desktop Controller is fully compatible with OS X 10.6.
Sophos Anti-Virus 4.9.19 NO.png Updates to protection and support will end on 31 December 2009 for Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac, version 4.9. - Installer reports: Sophos Anti-Virus can’t be installed on this computer. Updates do not work if previously installed
Sophos Anti-Virus 4.9.22 NO.png Updates to protection and support will end on 31 December 2009 for Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac, version 4.9. - Sophos Anti-Virus can’t be installed on this computer. No more … Update to 7.0.5
Sophos Anti-Virus 7.0.5 OK.png Works fine. Update and Scan OK. ;)
Soundboard 1.0.2 OK.png
Sound Studio 3.6 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc)
Sound Studio 3.6.1 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-06-23)
Soundsoap 2.2, 1.2.1 OK.png FAQ
SoundSource 2.5 OK.png
Soundflower 1.5.1 OK.png
SousChef 1.2.1b (626) OK.png
Spaces 1.1 UNKNOWN.png Part of OS X
SpamSieve 2.7.5 OK.png Mail plug-in tested with Mail 4.0; no problems reported.
SpamSweep 1.6.2 OK.png
Spanning Sync 3.0.1 OK.png
Spanning Tools 1.02 OK.png
Spark 3.0b9 OK.png
Speed Download 5.2.5 OK.png As 5.2.3
Spell Catcher 10.3.2 OK.png See
SpiderOak - Free Online Backup and Sync for Mac 3.5 OK.png Cross-platform Online Backup and Sync for Mac, Windows and Linux
SpiritedAway 0.7 OK.png
Split&Concat 3.0 OK.png
Spore 1.1 OK.png
Spotify 0.3.19 OK.png
Sprint SmartView 2.27.0026.0 OK.png While EVDO works without SmartView, the update is now compatible, and allows changing modem settings (turning off LEDs and GPS, if desired)
Spyder3Elite 3.1.1 OK.png Spyder's startup calibration reminder won't allow clicking 'Okay' to dismiss in SL, but dialog will close after time-out
Solitare XL 1.1.8 OK.png no online Highscore
SQL Developer 1.5.5 OK.png
Squeezecenter 7.3.3 NO.png Per user forum, 7.4 (not yet released) will support SL
Squeezecenter 7.3.4 OK.png pre-release version of the next minor release of SqueezeCenter 7.3 Download URL:
Squirrel 0.8 OK.png
SSH Tunnel Manager 2.0b3 WARNING.png UB has quirks with 10.6. Easy recompile from source via instructions at
Stanza 1.0 beta 17 WARNING.png The stand-alone app seems fine, but the "View in Stanza" service is unresponsive.
StarCraft 1.11 OK.png Appears to work. Campaign editor non-functional
StarCraft 1.15.2 OK.png Requires Rosetta, Editor non-op
StartupSound.prefPane 1.1b3 OK.png Seems to work fine.
Starry Night Pro Plus 6 WARNING.png 6.3.3 works but update installer fails. Update to 6.3.3. before installing 10.6
Stata 10.1.0 OK.png 32 & 64-bit versions work
Stata 11.0.0 OK.png 32 & 64-bit versions work
Stationery Pack 2.4.0 OK.png
Status Screen Saver.saver 1.4 OK.png (No comment / 2009-12-17)
SteerMouse 4.0.1 OK.png Now supports Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6).
Stellarium 0.10.2 OK.png
Stellarium 0.10.5 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-06-02)
StellarPhoenix 4 OK.png Seems to work well.
Stickies 7.0 UNKNOWN.png part of OS X
Sticky Windows 2.4 NO.png They need to rewrite a significant portion of the code.
StoryBoard Quick 6.0 OK.png Works great
StoryBoard Artist 4.2 OK.png
Storyist 2.0.2 OK.png Works great
StoryMill 3.2.2 OK.png
Strata Design 3D CX 6 6.0.1 OK.png
Strata Foto 3D 1.5 OK.png
Studio Artist 3.5 UNKNOWN.png User info please?
Studio Artist 4.0 OK.png Synthetik says it's OK
StuffIt Expander 14.0 OK.png
StuffIt Expander 14.0.1 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2009-12-15)
SubEthaEdit 3.5.1 OK.png Haven't tried collaborative editing
SubstrateMac.saver 1.0.1 OK.png (No comment / 2009-09-18)
SugarSync 1.6.2b OK.png Company claims it works
Sunbird 0.9 OK.png
SuperDocker 3.0.3 OK.png Tested only in 32-bit mode; could work in 64-bit mode
SuperDuper! 2.6 WARNING.png Replaced by version v2.6.1
SuperDuper! 2.6.1 OK.png
SuperDuper! 2.6.2 OK.png Works fine in 32 bit on iMac 5,1 in 10.6.2
SvnX 1.0 OK.png
Swift Publisher 2.3.2 OK.png
SwitchResX 4.0.0.b6 UNKNOWN.png Plz somebody try it
SwitchXS 2.5.1 OK.png previous versions are not compatible
Switch Sound File Converter 1.5 WARNING.png WMA to mp3 - crashes trying to open WMA; seems to be a problem with Snow Leopard & beta of Flip4Mac
SwordfishExpress 1.3 WARNING.png works but prints mailing label too fuzzy to be able to read bar code; still prints OK in 10.5
SX Virtual Link 3.1.0 UNKNOWN works with OS 10.5.8
Symantec AntiVirus for MacIntosh 10.2.17 NO.png They suggest NAV 11.0.3 or wait for SEP 11
Symphony 1.1.8 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2009-09-08)
SyncMate 2.5 OK.png Was tested on Snow Leopard - works correctly
Syncopation 2.2 OK.png Yes, Syncopation 2.2 has been thoroughly tested on Snow Leopard and does not have any known compatibility issues.
Synecdoche 0.1.1 NO.png Currently does not work, as the core client crashes on startup. Should be fixed with either 0.1.2 or 0.2.
Synergy 10.5b OK.png
SynergyKM 1.0b7 OK.png 1.0b7 or higher
Synk 6.5.2 OK.png
Synthesia 0.6.5 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
System Preferences 7.0 OK.png part of OS X
System Profiler 10.6.0 UNKNOWN.png OS X Utility
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
TagBot 1.1.1 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Tagr 2.1.2 UNKNOWN.png MP3 tagger
Tangerine OK.png (No comment)
Targus 2.0.0b2 OK.png 32-bit
Teamviewer 4.1.6597 OK.png
TechTool Pro 5 5.0.5 OK.png Notes
Telephone 0.14.3 OK.png
Temperature Monitor 4.8 OK.png after installing Intel X86 drivers when prompted, it works great, showing temperatures for 13 locations (HD, CPU, GPU, wireless, etc) inside my MBP
Terminal 2.1 UNKNOWN.png OS X Utility
TerminalColour OK.png See 10.6 fix. Fix does not seem to work on 32 bit CPU like Core Duo]
TeX FoG 1.3 UNKNOWN.png
TeX Live Utility 0.74 OK.png Versions older than 0.74 don't work with Snow Leopard, and versions newer than 0.74 don't work with TeX Live 2008
TeXShop 2.26 OK.png
TextEdit 1.6 OK.png part of OS X
TextExpander 2.7 OK.png Snow Leopard fix released
TextForge 2.0 UNKNOWN.png
TextMate 1.5.9 OK.png Latest cutting-edge build works just fine for me, including previously-problematic shortcut keys (build 1509)
TextSoap 6.3.1 OK.png
TextSpeech Pro 3.2.1 WARNING.png Encountered consistent crash when switching voices
TextWrangler 3.0 OK.png
TextWrangler 3.1 OK.png (No comment / 2010-01-19)
The Game of Life 1.0 OK.png Works Perfectly!
The Hit List OK.png
The Movies 1.0 OK.png Seems to run fine, haven't encountered any issues yet
The Print Shop 2.0.7 OK.png Free update at
The Sims 2 Rev F OK.png Seems to run fine
The Sims 3 OK.png Game loads and runs without any apparent issues
The Tube 2.9.4 OK.png
The Unarchiver 1.6.1 OK.png
The Unarchiver 2.0.3 OK.png
The Ur-Quan Masters 0.6.2 OK.png
Things 1.2.3 OK.png
Think 1.2 OK.png
Thinking Home 2.2 OK.png Works well, no issues.
Thoth 1.8.4 UNKNOWN.png
Thunderbird UNKNOWN.png Issues reported here
Thunderbird 3.0b3 UNKNOWN.png Issues reported here
Thunderbird 3.1.2 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-08-03)
Thunderbird 3.1.6 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-10-27)
Tidy Up! 2.1 UNKNOWN.png
TiffenDFX Aperture Plugin OK.png
Timbuktu 8.71 OK.png Client Side issue: if the server is not available no messages are shown! v8.8 is imminent, featuring full 10.6 compatibility.
TimeBoxed 1.2.7 OK.png
TimeBridge NO.png
Timeline 3D 2.8 OK.png
TimeLog 4.5.3 OK.png
Time Machine 1.1 UNKNOWN.png part of OS X
TimeMachineEditor 2.2 OK.png
TimeMachineScheduler 2.3.1 WARNING.png (Setting the backup disk "Invisible" seems to raise problems / a16.pngFR loc / 2008-09-06)
TimeNet Law 1.9.9 OK.png
TimeNet 3.9.21 OK.png
Time Out 1.5.5 OK.png Fully compatible
Time Warp 1.0b2 OK.png
Times (RSS reader) 1.1.5 (614) OK.png
Times Reader (New York Times) 2.051 OK.png Uses Adobe Air
TinkerTool 3.96 OK.png 3.96 adds preliminary support for Mac OS X 10.6
TinkerTool 4.1 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR / loc 2010-02-22)
TinkerTool 4.3 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR / loc 2010-10-11)
TinkerTool System 2.1 UNKNOWN.png
Tivo Decode Manager 2.1 OK.png Must run using Rosetta or you get Applescript error
TivoDesktop 1.94 NO.png Does not start, shows java errors in log files
Toast Titanium 6.1 NO.png DOES NOT RESPOND. Will not open from Dock or in response to insertion of blank media. Dead!
Toast Titanium 7.1.2 OK.png Works in 32 bit mode 10.6.2
Toast Titanium 7.1.3 OK.png No issues
Toast Titanium 8 8.05 WARNING.png Some issues indicated on
Toast Titanium 9.x/10.x OK.png (All EXCEPT Tivo Transfer, see below, and Disc Cover 2 RE, which doesn't work) Minor issues, updaters coming:
Toast Tivo Transfer 9.x/10.x OK.png Tivo Transfer pre-relase fix available now at sikat ang pinoy
Tofu 2.0.1 UNKNOWN.png
Together 2.2.13 OK.png
TokBox 1.1.40 UNKNOWN.png
TomTom Home WARNING.png However did get error message after upgrade of Snow Leopard, check tomtom site for help! Access to internal storage of the TomTom Navi is not possible. Only access to the SD storage possible. Navi does not work properly.
Tooble 2.5.3 UNKNOWN.png
Toontown Online sv1.0.39.8 OK.png Uninstall Old Toontown Launcher is required, new compatible version will download when you visit the Toontown web site in Safari.
TOPO! 4.5.4 OK.png Requires 4.5.4
TopXNotes 1.4.1 OK.png Latest build works fine - see site
TouchCAD 3.6 OK.png
TrailRunner 2.1v416 OK.png
Trampoline 2.4.1 OK.png
Transcriva 2.0 OK.png
Transmission 1.7.5 OK.png 1.74 adds 64bit compatibility
Transmit 3.67 WARNING.png Automator actions not compatible.
TrueCrypt 6.2a WARNING.png Unable to create new volumes (unless running under Rosetta), some errors in loading existing volumes - but retry and it will open; might be causing kernel panics; crashes on startup for another user. Almost certainly broken because MacFUSE is only currently 32-bit. see for more info
TrueCrypt 6.3 OK.png website says "Full support for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard."
TsMuxerGUI 1.10.6 NO.png Crashes on Qt Failure.
TubeSock 2.0.3 UNKNOWN.png
TubeTV 1.0 WARNING.png doesn't work reliably; no mention of updating for SL on website
TunePrompter 1.1 NO.png Crashes when creating video
Tunnelblick 3.0b18 OK.png
TurboTax 2008 OK.png
Tweetdeck OK.png
Tweetie 1.2.2 OK.png Some users have reported having to delete/recreate accounts each time you start it and of some crashing when adding photos
TwistedWave 1.6 OK.png
Twit Menulet 2.0 OK.png working perfectly
Twitterrific 3.2 OK.png
Typinator 3 OK.png Feels a lot faster.

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