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Below is a list of applications and their compatibility status with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, the most recent operating system from Apple. Please collaborate by sharing your experiences using each application and by adding applications not already listed. Note: due to abuses, registration is now required to edit the list. Thanks for your cooperation.

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Update: There are now four categories: UNKNOWN UNKNOWN.png is for apps that are untested, OK OK.png for apps that work fine, NO NO.png for apps that do not work, and WARNING WARNING.png for those with some problems.

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|| Application Name || Version || Website URL || [[image {OK/NO/UNKNOWN/WARNING}.png]] || Notes (Comments) ||

When you have replaced the placeholders with your info, and choose OK, NO, UNKNOWN, or WARNING to set the correct graphic icon. Paste the edited text into its corresponding alphabetical place in the text list. Do not add it into the code above, it doesn't work that way : )

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For information about potential printing issues on Snow Leopard, see printing-issues

Java Note: After Snow Leopard installation, only Java SE 6 remains and is used for all Java applications and applets; previous Java versions (which were present in Leopard and Tiger) are gone. This may cause issues with Java apps/applets that don't work correctly with Java SE 6: these will need to be updated to work with Snow Leopard.

Application Name Version URL Status Notes
uApp 1.3 UNKNOWN.png
√úbercaster 1.6.2 (1115) OK.png No problems detected.
UltiCalc 2.3.1 OK.png Works perfectly in 32-bit and 64-bit kernel. Application itself is 32-bit.
UltiCalc Lite 1.1 OK.png No reported problems using 32-bit kernel or 64-bit kernel. Version 1.1 has launched and should be downloaded to effectively use UltiCalc Lite
Ultralingua 7.1.6 OK.png Version 7.1.6 works fine
Undercover 3 NO.png "The current version of Undercover is not compatible with Snow Leopard. I would indeed recommend to remove Undercover before installing Snow Leopard. However, it would not cause any problem to leave Undercover installed"
Undercover 3.1 OK.png Available now
Undercover 3.2 OK.png "Undercover automatically detects whether it is running on a 64-bit capable Mac and switches accordingly."
Unison 1.8.1 WARNING.png When I try to play music or radio shows in the window when the Music sorting is checked, don't get any audio sound after clicking the file. Email to Panic confirms this problem. Update due soon.
UnRarX 2.2 OK.png Requires to install Rosetta
Unsanity Haxies All UNKNOWN.png From their blog page, updated 10.06.09 "Unsanity is still hard at work on Snow Leopard compatibility for the rest of our stuff and will be announcing availability as things become ready. Look for posts from Slava and Rosyna about WindowShade, FruitMenu, FontCard, Labels X, Menu Master, and Xounds in the near future, and watch for something from me about Mighty Mouse." No other mention available at this time.
Unreal Tournament UT99 2004 3369.2 OK.png
USB Overdrive 10.4.8 OK.png Works in 32 bit mode. 64 bit version coming within days.
USB Overdrive 3.0 OK.png Works in 64 bit mode.
USB OK.png Works flawlessly after 2nd Restart.
UTC Global Clock 3.3 OK.png Fully compatible.
Utilitaire de configuration iPhone 3.0 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc)
uTorrent OK.png Work perfectly !
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
VanDale Woordenboek OK.png Needs Rosetta
VectorDesigner 1.5.1 OK.png Provides advanced accessories for geometric operations. Works Great
Vectorworks 11.5.2 WARNING.png Not Officially Supported
Vectorworks 12.5.3 WARNING.png Not Officially Supported
Vectorworks 2008 sp3 WARNING.png Not Officially Supported or tested by Company- Tested the Official company stated bugs for 2009 version, on MacBook 2006-Works fine so Far in 2008 version,
Vectorworks 2008 v 13.0.0 WARNING.png Is running alright on my MBP (early 2009)
Vectorworks 2009 sp4 WARNING.png Update in early November, 2009 - Unofficially works ok on my MBP (early 2009)
Vectorworks 2010 sp1 OK.png Compatible and works fine on my iMac 10.6.1
Vectorworks interiorCAD 2009 sp4 OK.png seems to be O.K.
Ventrilo 3.0.4 OK.png
Versions 1.0.5 OK.png Previous versions work as well, but 1.0.5 added full Snow Leopard support
VersionTracker 4.5.1 OK.png Works fine
Vicomsoft FTP Client 4.6 UNKNOWN.png
Vidalia 0.1.15 OK.png Tor anonymous bandwidth controller
ViddyUp! 1.8.4 OK.png
VideoMonkey 0.5 OK.png As of 0.5
VideoVangelist 2.1.5 UNKNOWN.png
Vienna 2.3.4 OK.png Works fine
ViewNX FR 1.3.0 NO.png ViewNX FRENCH (130MF-EURFR) Graphic Issues. Crashes. Does not work in 1.3.0 clean install & update … if you make update 1.3.0 to 1.4.0 ViewNx don't work …
ViewNX EN 1.4.0 NO.png ViewNX ENGLISH (140MF-NSAEN) Graphic Issues. Crashes. Does not work in 1.4.0
ViewNX FR 1.4.0 NO.png ViewNX FRENCH (140MF-EURFR) Graphic Issues. Crashes. Does not work in 1.4.0. clean install or update ;)
Vine VNC Server 3.11 beta OK.png Beta release of Vine Server 3.11 that also has some minor bug fixes, it should also work fine on Snow Leopard
Vine VNC Viewer 3.1 beta UNKNOWN.png Public beta version of Vine Viewer 3.1 with Snow Leopard Compatibility [Updated 9/15/2009]
VirtualBox 3.0.8 WARNING.png Only with 32-bit kernel SL. If you have a dual head, it does not work on your secondary monitor (everything with Leopard worked fine). <Not having any problems with second monitor…>
VirtualBox 3.0.10 OK.png May still be only with 32-bit kernel SL… can't test
VirtualDJ 5.2.1 OK.png Seems to be running better current version 6.x
VirtualDJ 6.0.2 WARNING.png Some video issues and issue with hardware controllers
Viscosity 1.0.6 OK.png
VisioVoice 1.2 OK.png previous versions are not compatible
Visor 2.0.1 OK.png Terminal must run in 32bit mode (for SIMBL to work) - and visor set to Fullscreen
VisualHub 1.33 OK.png Applescript errors when quitting
VisualHub 1.34 OK.png Works perfect.
VLC 1.0.2 OK.png
VLC 1.1.3 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-08-18)
VMware Fusion 1.x NO.png
VMware Fusion 2.0.x OK.png Only with 32-bit kernel SL (host or guest)
VMware Fusion 3.0 OK.png 32-bit and 64-bit kernel SL (host or guest)
Vodafone Mobile Connect 3.04.01 WARNING.png Works with Huawei E172. See here for more information:
Vodafone Mobile Connect 3.04.06 WARNING.png for some people it works. My Huawei E172 does not work (the kext will not load). You may replace it with GlobeTrotter Connect (it works with SL) and set the mobile operator conf manually.
Voila screen capture 2.5 OK.png
VoiceOver Utility 3.0.1 UNKNOWN.png OS X Utility
VoltaicHD 1.8.8 OK.png Latest version fixes File->Open issue with OSX 10.6
Volumizer 1.2 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2007-06-08)
Vonage Companion 1.0.2 NO.png Crashes after entering password to login
VPN Tracker 5.4.2 OK.png Works in 32-bit mode; fatal error (unable to communicate with backend) in 64-bit mode
VPN Tracker 6 OK.png Version 6 supports 64-bit kernel mode
Vue 7 OK.png Beta patch released to improve Snow Leopard compatibility. Stable.
VueScan 8.5.32 OK.png
Vuze OK.png Snow Leopard compatibility added in
VZAccess Manager 4.3.2 OK.png No complains
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
Wakoopa Tracker OK.png [Recently Fixed:]
Wallet 3.1.2 OK.png
WarCraft III - Reign of Chaos 1.24b OK.png
WarCraft III - The Frozen Throne 1.24b WARNING.png Graphic Issues. While Reign of Chaos runs Ok, The Frozen Throne has graphic glitches on Intel video cards, probably because it relies on a PowerPC launcher. With Nvidia cards it runs OK. ATI not tested.
Washing Machine 1.3 UNKNOWN.png
WBFS for Mac OSX 1.2 OK.png
WD Anwhere Backup 2.2 NO.png Starts, but the dialogs don't work.
WeatherDock 2.5.1 OK.png
WeatherScope 1.7.2 OK.png Works Fine
Web Snapper 2.3.3 OK.png 32-bit
Webex OK.png Now it works with Safari 4 64bit
Webify 1.1 NO.png App freezes when applying image effects
Web2 Delight 1.7.125 OK.png 32-bit
WhatSize 4.8.1 OK.png
WideMail 0.5.1 NO.png Most missed mail plugin; snow leopard developers may wish to offer author; assistance
WinClone 2.2 WARNING.png Windows.sparsebundle inside the Winclone image is incompatible with Cocoa Finder Beware of NTFSProgs : version 1.13.1 produces kernel panic. Install version 2.0.0 of NTFSProgs
Windows Live Sync 14.0.8096.0903 OK.png
Windows Media Player 9.0.0 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2006-07-10)
WindowShadeX 4.3 NO.png
Wirecast 3.5.1 OK.png
Wireshark 1.2.2 OK.png
WireTap Anywhere 1.0.5 OK.png
WireTap Studio 1.0.12 OK.png
Witch 2.0.2 OK.png window switcher
WMV Player OK.png (Flip4Mac / 2010-06-16)
World Clock Deluxe 4.6.5 OK.png
World of Goo 1.30 OK.png
World of Warcraft 3.2 WARNING.png Takes a while to refresh when launched. Moving the window with exposé fixes it. Expose also causes mouse issues see:
WoWMatrix 3.0 OK.png
WriteRoom 2.3.7 OK.png
Wuala 1.0 OK.png
Wx 5.35 OK.png
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
X11 2.3.4 UNKNOWN.png OS X utility
X-Assist 0.8.1 OK.png Appears to be work fine.
X-Chat Aqua 0.17.0-rc1 OK.png
X-Lite beta 4.0 (M00035) NO.png App loads, preferences window will not open; crashes if preferences files are copied from another server
X-Lite 3.0 (1014k) NO.png App loads, but not input or output sound can be heard. Counterpath service reps said: "we will be releasing a new version very soon which will address the issue with audio on MacOS 10.6."
X-Plane 9.50 OK.png OS 10.6.3 on MacBook Pro. No issues so far.
X-Rite Ezcolor 2.6.6 OK.png
X-Rite Monaco Profiler 4.8 OK.png Requires Rosetta
X-Rite ProfileMakerPro 5.0.8, 5.0.9 OK.png Requires Rosetta
XAMPP 1.7.2a OK.png
xBase 1.1 OK.png
XBattery 1.0.1 UNKNOWN.png
XDCAM Transfer 2.9.0 WARNING.png Works for some, but not for all. The SxS card drivers do NOT work for Cardbus34 slots
Xee 2.0 WARNING.png Does not hide layers when viewing .gif files
Xerox Printers n/a WARNING.png See URL for compatibility. Most drivers upgraded for 10.6 already
Xiph QuickTime component 0.1.9 NO.png
XLD 20090829 OK.png Fixed in 20090824 Release
Xmarks for Safari 1.3.3 OK.png Separate installers for Leopard (10.5) and Snow Leopard (10.6).
XMeeting 0.3.4a NO.png main window doesn't automatically open, it's blank when you open it manually. Preferences seem to work, nothing else does.
XMeeting 0.4p2 WARNING.png Menu items are all grayed out, main window never opens, no way to open it manually. Have a look at xmeeting forum at sourceforge for solution
XMenu 1.9 UNKNOWN.png
XMind 3.0.3 OK.png As eclipse, a bit slow
xPad 1.2.6 OK.png Working just fine.
XQuartz 2.5.3 OK.png (No comment / a16.pngFR loc / 2010-07-10)
Xsan 2.1.1 or less NO.png Requires forthcoming 2.2 update
XScreenSaver 5.0.9 OK.png Latest version 5.09 is ported to 10.6
xScope 2.2 OK.png
xSkyDesk 1.3.6 UNKNOWN.png
Xslimmer 1.7.5 OK.png
Xtorrent 2.0v83 OK.png
Xupport 3.6.0 OK.png
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
Yahoo! Widgets 4.5 OK.png No problem, it work ;)
Yank 2.0 4.5 OK.png Works fine
Yasu 2.6.4 OK.png Updated for 10.6
Yep 2.0b4 OK.png
Yojimbo 1.2 (24) OK.png
You Control: Tunes 1.7.2 OK.png Author will upgrade app if problems surface.
Yoursql 1.8.0h NO.png
YouTube Video Grabber 2.1 OK.png Works good
Yummy FTP 1.7.2 WARNING.png Works OK but one or two glitches, Update coming asap
YummySoup! 1.8.3 OK.png No major compatibility issues
Application Name Version URL Status Notes
Zangband 2.7.4b vanzari auto NO.png Seems to play fine but the window gets stuck in the upper corner so you can't see 1/3 of the screen
Zattoo 3.0.4 OK.png
ZBrush 3.5 OK.png GoZ Requires Rosetta
Zenmap 4.85BETA6 WARNING.png Notes (Program requires X11. Could not find network interface to use. Site appears to be down.)
Zenmap 4.90 RC1 & OK.png Program requires X11. No problems detected, Work OK. ;)
Zenmap 5.00 &;O=D OK.png Program requires X11. No problems detected, Work OK. ;)
ZephIR 3.1b6 UNKNOWN.png
Zend Server 4.0.5 NO.png Needs patch / Parts do not work. Needs a patch described in the Zend Forums / Java Bridge does not work
Zend Studio 5.5.x WARNING.png Needs Patch. You must install a 32bit version of Java 1.5.0 and make it use it. See Here
Zend Studio 7.0.1 OK.png
ZeusDraw 1.3.4 OK.png
ZigVersion 1.1.2 UNKNOWN.png (No comment)
Zimbra Connector 5.0.17 + OK.png
Zimbra Desktop 1.0.3 + OK.png Update to 1.0.3
Zinio Reader OK.png Works fine as after installing Rosetta
Zipeg 2.8 OK.png
Ziplight 1.2 OK.png
ZOC 6.1.4 UNKNOWN.png
Zoiper 2.14 OK.png Finally! 2.14 released on Oct 27 works!
Zooom2 2.2.8 OK.png Works for me - at least for most of the apps.
ZumoDrive 0.961 NO.png With 64bit kernels, Disk does not mount or grant any access, only thru web.

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